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We recognize the sacrifice of our service members and their families.

We believe in them and–whether they are unjustly accused or they made a mistake–we believe they all deserve the best, most aggressive legal defense.

“Thank you for caring so much about my husband and our family, when it seemed like no one ever would again.” Spouse of Client, 2003

Don chose to recently retire (November 2020) from the Navy to help provide that defense. Our mission at King Military Law is to provide legal services to as many active duty service members in need as we can. For that reason, we are committed to overcoming financial hurdles to getting the legal defense you or your loved one deserves. This includes offering payment plans, reduced fees, or even pro-bono services to those in dire need, especially junior service members. If you or a loved one are in need of a military lawyer but are unable to afford one, reach out to us–we’ll discuss your case with you for free and do everything we can to ensure you get the help you need.

Don and the other military attorneys at King Military Law have either retired after at least twenty years as a military lawyer or are still in the reserves and practicing military law actively. We have attorneys in San Diego, Japan, on the East Coast, in the Northwest, and even in Colorado, allowing us to minimize travel costs for our clients. One of our attorneys recently retired from DOHA, the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals, where he represented the government in Security Clearance hearings–JUST what you need if you are facing a security clearance issues. Our attorney in Japan is a retired O6 military Judge and former Commanding Officer of all defense attorneys in Japan. He represented all senior officers in the AOR in matters ranging from inspector general complaint, relief of command or duty, NJP, and even allegations at courts martial. And, regardless of which attorney assists you, you get the combined experience of ALL of them, meaning our team brings nearly one hundred years of military law experience to your legal issue! Don stays involved in every case and makes sure you and your loved ones understand the process every step of the way. Moreover, because we actively network with other experienced civilian military lawyers—if our firm is unable to represent you, we may be able to help you find someone who can.

In short, if you’re in need, don’t give up. Give us a call and let us try to help!


Military legal difficulties bring an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Don knows, he’s been representing clients in difficult circumstances for decades and stays in touch with many of them. And one thing is sure–IT’S ALWAYS GOTTEN BETTER, even if you can’t imagine that now in the fog of the unknown. 

If you or your loved one needs it, please let someone help: Military Suicide Crisis Line 800-273-8255 or text “help” to 838255.

 King Military Law: Decades of Experience in YOUR Corner–When Experience Matters Most 

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