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Breven Parsons
Colonel,USMC (Ret.)
Judge Advocate
Of Counsel

Breven retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 24 years of service as a judge advocate.  Due to his natural leadership skills and ability, the Marine Corps selected Breven for service as a Commanding Officer for Marine Corps Embassy Security Guards and as a UN Military Observer in a conflict zone (both rare opportunities reserved for only the best Marine officers).  Aside from these tours outside his specialty, Breven spent the majority of his active duty service litigating military criminal cases and supervising litigation teams.  His final assignment in the Marine Corps blended his leadership skills with his military justice expertise when he was selected to serve as the Officer in Charge of Legal Services Support Team-West, where he was responsible for ensuring timely and competent provision of legal services for all Marine Corps commands and service members on the West Coast (including prosecution, defense, administrative law, civil law and legal assistance).  

Originally from the mid-west, Breven was admitted to the Kansas Bar in October of 1995 and practiced law in the Kansas City area in general practice from 1995 to 1997.  With a desire to serve his country and serve others, he joined the Marine Corps in June of 1997 and completed the basic Marine Officer and judge advocate training pipeline in July of 1998, graduating from the Naval Justice School with honors.  Breven was then assigned to the Joint Law Center at Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar in San Diego, where he served as a prosecutor for three years, completing hundreds of courts-martial and administrative proceedings, including several high-profile cases.    

“[Breven’s] strong work ethic and knowledge of the law has earned him the reputation of being one of the most sought-after prosecutors in the busiest judicial circuit in the DoD.” – Lieutenant Colonel, USMC, 2000

Breven was then assigned to the Navy Legal Services Office, Yokosuka, Japan in 2001, where he served as a Civil Law Department Head, Defense Counsel, and Senior Defense Counsel.  It was during this assignment that he also deployed as a UN Military Observer. As the Senior Defense Counsel, Breven’s experience as a prosecutor enabled him to ensure superior representation of his team’s military clients, whose charges ran the gamut from the most serious offenses to countless nonjudicial punishment and administrative matters.

“My choice for the most demanding and complex [criminal defense] cases.”  CAPT, JAGC, USN, Commanding Officer, 2003

In 2004, Breven was assigned to the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate for Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton and Marine Corps Installations West, where he led the Military Justice Section, deployed as the legal advisor for 1st Battalion, 5th Marines to Ramadi, Iraq, served as the Deputy, SJA for the Regional Commanding General, and led one of the busiest prosecution offices in the Department of Defense. 

In 2007, Breven was selected to attend The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School (U.S. Army), where he graduated with an advanced law degree in International and Operational Law.  With a passion and expertise for litigation and military justice he volunteered to coach mock trial teams for the University of Virginia Law School. Upon graduation with his LLM, he was hand selected for assignment to the Pentagon in the Marine Corps’ Judge Advocate Division where he was the Deputy Branch Head for the Military Justice Branch.  In this assignment, among other duties, Breven was assigned as the Marine Corps working group member for the Joint Services Committee for Military Justice, which proposed amendments now implemented into the Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

Breven also has significant experience in advising and shaping the Marine Corps’ official position on hundreds of criminal and administrative law cases, including, Board of Correction of Naval Records cases, Navy Discharge Review Board appeals, officer misconduct cases, and high-profile law of war violation cases.  In 2010, he secured permission from the Commandant of the Marine Corps for personnel and funding to create a headquarters-level Prosecutor Support and Training Branch, which still provides support to Marine Corps prosecutors worldwide. 

 “[Breven] is widely recognized as a Marine Corps expert and sought out speaker on military justice topics with remarkable versatility and breadth of capabilities in a wide range of military law topics.” -Lieutenant Colonel, USMC, 2009

Breven was next assigned to lead the Joint Law Center at MCAS Miramar and serve as the legal advisor for the Installation Commander.  During this tour, the Commandant of the Marine Corps directed a reorganization of the provision of legal services and advice throughout the Corps, and Breven was selected to spearhead the realignment of services at three Marine Corps installations, which were consolidated under his charge. After the realignment, he supervised the prosecution, defense, administrative law, legal assistance and civil law services for the hundreds of commands and thousands of service members on these installations from 2012 to 2014.  Breven was next selected for command and reported as Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Embassy Security Group Region 1, providing security for 19 Embassies and Consulates in 16 nations, primarily in the former Soviet Republics in Eastern Europe and Asia.

“A leader we rally around.  Workhorse, invariably ‘rewarded’ with the most difficult assignments.” – Major General, USMC 2012

Following a successful command tour, Breven returned to his first love—military justice litigation and served as the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Staff Judge Advocate, and as the Officer in Charge of Legal Services Support Section-West (the largest in the Marine Corps) for his last three years on active duty. 

Breven was admitted to practice law in California in March of 2021, and served as an attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel in San Diego, for U.S. Customs and Border Protection from September of 2021 to June of 2023. However, his passion for defending servicemembers drew him back to military justice. Breven joined King Military Law as “Of Counsel” in 2023.  He also volunteers for the San Diego County Bar Association’s “Wills for Heroes” program and coaches youth sports. 

“Breven is precisely what we want our leaders and lawyers to be (but rarely are) – selfless, tireless, honest, and committed. If I ever need a lawyer to represent me or my family he will be my first and only call.  I’d trust him with my life.” – Colonel, USMC 2023 

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Christopher EsquivelChristopher Esquivel
03:25 05 Dec 23
Mr. King is very knowledgeable in military law. He was able to help me and made sure to explain everything in the most simple terms so that I can ensure I was in good hands. He is quick to help you address the issues you are going through and help you find solutions.
kyle doughertykyle dougherty
01:23 02 Nov 23
Don King and his practice, "King Military Law," have been an absolute game-changer in my life. From the moment I spoke to Don for a free consultation over a year ago, I knew I was making the right choice. The journey that followed has been nothing short of extraordinary.I had the opportunity to consult with several military lawyers, but it was Don's unwavering commitment and his word that won me over. He assured me he would stand by my side, and that promise has been upheld most remarkably. Don, along with his exceptional paralegals, Angela and Katesha, embarked on a tireless journey to fight for my rights and my future.The most significant battle they helped me win was against an administrative separation board. The dedication and diligence they put into my case were unparalleled. They left no stone unturned, meticulously examining every detail and aspect of my situation. Their level of commitment to my case was nothing short of inspiring.What truly sets Don King and his team apart is their exceptional communication. They consistently went above and beyond, ensuring I was informed at every stage. Their accessibility and willingness to answer any questions I had, no matter the time or day, gave me peace of mind during what could have been an extremely stressful period for my family and me.Don and his team didn't just treat my case as another file; they treated it as a number one priority. Their genuine care and concern for my well-being and the well-being of my witnesses were evident throughout our time together. They provided support and advocacy that goes above and beyond the call of duty.In conclusion, I couldn't be more thrilled with my experience with King Military Law. Don King and his exceptional team have met and exceeded my expectations in every way. If you need military legal representation, I wholeheartedly recommend Don King and his practice. They are not just legal professionals; they are compassionate allies who will fight relentlessly to ensure that justice prevails. Thank you, Don King and King Military Law, for giving me a second chance and being the unwavering support I needed during a challenging time. You are nothing short of amazing.
Cody WhortonCody Whorton
04:54 21 Oct 23
I am a Chief Petty Officer; I have served for our world’s finest Navy for 13 years. Unfortunately, I had a potential career ending legal event that threatened me with an administrative separation board. After calling numerous lawyers in San Diego, I called Mr. Don King and his legal team. Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. After speaking with Mr. King, I immediately felt that I had the best legal representation that I could possibly find. I WAS RIGHT! Don is the most honest, hard-working, and compassionate lawyer you are going to find! His team fought for me like I was their son. His team is super responsive and always helpful. They were very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions regarding the process. Don’s paralegal Angela would always ensure all required documentation was in order and received in a timely manner. She would even talk to me when I was feeling down and ensured I was making the right decisions on my part. Don fought at my board like it was the last day on earth. This is the best legal team in San Diego. If you choose only one lawyer, choose Mr. Don King and his legal team. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Thank you, King family! My wife and I will never forget what you did to help us win this battle.
00:29 14 Oct 23
Had a conversation today with Mr king about a military court case 2000 miles away and spoke with over 20 other attorneys and not 5 of them combined gave me the amount of advice that he did himself! Very well educated in his field with a wealth of knowledge. I have multiple high end attorneys on retainer here in my state so I’m not foreign to well experienced attorneys and this man was what I am familiar with when it comes to well experienced. Sad that I had to swim thru a pool of uneducated attorneys whom claimed to be the best in their field only to find out that they had no clue to what seemed to myself and my legal/political friends to be a somewhat simple question for someone claiming to be a pro! This man is the real deal! This is not a paid or fake comment and I have never met this person who is very far from here and he helped me as if I was standing in front of him! Even as he was walking his dog he took his own time to get back to me. If you’re looking for a legit attorney then you’ve found him! I’d give more stars if possible. I’ll be telling my friends on the west coast in the area about you. Thank you for your time sir!
Jess SackettJess Sackett
20:19 15 Sep 23
Mr King recently defended my daughter for misconduct. His defense ended with a unanimous board decision clearing my daughter of that charge. Mr King was tenacious and unrelenting in her case. His staff are true professionals and highly skilled and experienced in preparing the cases. If you or someone you know needs a lawyer who will fight for you Mr King is the one you want in your corner.
Liv SLiv S
07:58 06 Sep 23
My journey with King Military Law began when my Navy Reserve Center falsely accused me of committing a crime but failed to notify me until nearly a year had passed after said crime. I was literally looking at losing everything I had ever worked towards the 16 years I had spent in the military to include a burgeoning career in the healthcare sector, my security clearance, my G.I Bill benefits, ect. If you think that situation can’t get any more stressful, try searching for legal counsel who will treat your case with the utmost importance instead of just a money grab. Thankfully, I found King Military Law quickly and was sold from the many 5-star reviews to Don’s impressive resume, and Kasheta’s prompt response to my initial query.During the consultation, Don did not shy away even after I explained the details of my rather complex case. In fact, he seemed to relish in the challenge of it all. Once retained, he and the rest of his legal team immediately began working various angles of my case and even provided further support by helping me navigate through several legal forms provided by my command to ensure that none of my rights were signed away.As it is the Navy Reserve, I had to wait several months for my Administrative Separation Board to convene; however, Don and his legal team always answered any questions that I had or dealt with any situations that arose in a timely manner and kept me in the loop as new details emerged.To say I was beyond stressed out the weekend of my Administrative Separation Board is an understatement, Angela’s positive demeanor and Don’s encouraging words were greatly appreciated. Don is a talented legal force and well versed in proceedings, his eloquence and extensive knowledge of military law is clear. However, what stuck out to me the most is the moment when the opposing counsel launched a particularly catty and rather unwarranted personal attack on my character. Don immediately but gracefully rebuffed his attack, providing a compelling and moving argument in which he showered me with praise and related similar experiences he had in the navy to my case in order to appeal to board members on my behalf.Thanks to King Military Law, I was able to win my case and can finally relax for the first time in nearly a year. I can’t thank the exceptional legal team (Don, Kasheta, Angela, and Ashley) enough for their tireless efforts, they’re absolute consummate professionals who truly care about their clients and will always go that extra mile for them. I HIGHLY recommend King Military Law to any service members in need and seeking out legal counsel.
Eddie RobinsonEddie Robinson
02:35 04 Sep 23
Mr. King & his associates (Ms. Kasheta) were very responsive and caring to me and my son's case. They explained in terms I could understand, they were timely, and they were caring. My son had serious charges against him and I am hundreds of miles away on the East coast and very scared. He was able to be there to see my son and let him know he had someone on his side. I know we pay for attorneys but you want to feel comfortable with your choice. My son is coming home free & clear. You will be very satisfied with King Military Law when you just can't be there yourself. THANK YOU MR KING & STAFF. posting from : Alethia
Hailey PorterHailey Porter
15:24 30 Aug 23
King Military Law saved my best friend's life and career. The Navy likely illegally separated a close friend of mine with 14 years of service, at the time, as a Sailor. As was I, she was stuck overseas in Afghanistan in 2020 due to the travel ban Gen Miller initiated to prevent personnel from entering and leaving Theater. She wasn't able to fulfill her naval obligations due to the ban. She fought tooth and nail to come back into service and went through MEPs for a second time to continue serving. The Navy again tried to ADSEP the sailor for a separate reason, and that's when she hired King Military Law. If my friend was given her charges she would've lost her medical career, intelligence career, and at this point 16 years of active service. I was present for her ADSEP board and watched King Military Law in action. The process was extremely nerve-racking. The recorder wasn't pulling any punches about my friend's character they were trying to portray to the board. King Military Law's kindness, professionalism, and strategy saved her life. They helped her beat a case that typically the service member wouldn't win. I 10/10 recommend King Military Law. For the first time in 2 years, my friend is able to truly rest and breathe.
Bryce BeeckmanBryce Beeckman
04:26 30 Aug 23
Don is absolutely amazing, I cannot thank him enough for how much he helped me out with my case. He knows the Navy legal system inside out and has a ton of experience. If it weren’t for him I would have never been reinstated. My chain of command literally tried to rail road me, twist my story, and even tried to tell me that it was illegal to get legal representation, but Don worked with me every step of the way. Before contacting Don I spoke with other lawyers and they did not care at all, and didn’t even listen to me and my case. The JAG even blew me off and told me that I was going to loose, didn’t even want to help me out, but Don did it, and got my rank back. I’m so incredibly grateful that he had my back. Don is the way to go for anything legal dealing with the Navy, hese #1 in my books.
Dina TrujilloDina Trujillo
04:46 15 Aug 23
Where do I begin? This will be a bit lengthy as I want to share my experience King Military Law. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful, blessed, and completely honored we are to have had Don King and his team representing my Marine. A few months ago, my son found himself in a very difficult, very scary and extremely stressful situation. A parents worst nightmare. My son was being FALSLEY accused of of a very serious crime. My son had no chance to speak his truth, and was immediately guilty in the eyes of command with absolutely no chance for a positive outcome. This was extremely heart wrenching to a mother who 100% knows without a doubt that her son is innocent, it completely broke me and tore me apart. There was nothing I could do. Once Don heard my sons case he immediately took action. Don ensured that my sons rights were protected. Don protected my Marine when I could not. Don made sure that my son would not get screwed out of what he was entitled to, since my son was a few months from completing his enlistment.Don fought for my boy, presented facts and had these serious charges dismissed against my son, all without having to go to court martial. Don believed in my son from day one and relentlessly fought for him.Don is caring and compassionate and genuinely cares. While going through this stressful situation, Don made sure to reach out to my Marine a few times a week to check in with my son to make sure he was mentally and emotionally doing well. Don kept us updated throughout the process and we always knew what to expect. In the end my son was separated under honorable conditions and is now home. All which never would’ve happened without Don. Don saved my sons career and ensured that my son could have a successful and bright future in the civilian world.I promise that you will not find another Military Attorney with the experience and knowledge that Don has, just take a look at his resume. Don is a warrior who will run circles around anyone. Thank you so much Don and Kasheta for everything! Forever thankful.

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