“Someone in my command lied and accused me of sexual assault and the base lawyers didn’t seem too experienced. I called around for civilian lawyers to help but they wanted a lot of money and didn’t even seem to want to speak to me without me paying them. Then a fellow Staff NCO told me about Mr. King. Mr. King was the judge on a case where that Gunny was the bailiff and he said he would be his first call. So I found Mr. King’s website and called him and he talked to me for over an hour on the phone even though i had not even paid him a dime. He knew exactly what was going on, exactly what was going to happen and told me exactly what to do, every step of the way. I can’t tell you how scary it was to be falsely accused of a crime that has a life sentence and have no one to go to for help. Once I got off the phone with Mr. King, alot of that fear went away. I knew I was in good hands. And sure enough, most of what he told me they would do HAPPENED! CID tried to trick me and i would have been in jail if I had not spoken with Mr. King. Mr. King also charged me way less than what others were saying and I hired him immediately. He TORE into my case like I was his own son. I would not want to be against this man! But he also helped me with my command, even calling them and getting them to support me! In the end, although I was facing prison and being a registered sex offender (which means no time around my kids), i actually wasn’t even charged with a crime. I know that was because of Mr. King, who did his own investigation of the case and found stuff that NCIS ignored. I owe my life to this former grunt! If I or a loved one ever needs a lawyer, we’ll call Mr. King. He’s been around this block many many times and knows everything AND he cares, not just about me, but my family as well. He helped them understand what was happening and that meant alot to us. Nice to see a guy not in it just for the money… I would give him 10 stars if I could. he deserves it.”