Mr. King was an excellent lawyer and point of contact for my husband while he was struggling with the DoD’s policy of mandatory vaccination. We were blessed when Mr. King picked up the phone when my husband called for legal assistance. After the conversation my husband was at ease and was given all the information he could ask for on the topic. We couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. As time progressed and the COVID situation evolved Mr. King always followed up and truly lived up to his reputation of looking out for your best interest. He would be readily available to update us on new courses of action as well as advise us for any legal situations down the road. I can say with full confidence that Don King is not only an excellent and professional lawyer but also a man of integrity, sincerity and honor!

KML Response: Thank you so much for the kind words. It was our honor to speak with your husband and answer his questions. Trying times such as those created by the COVID vaccine policy, can create anxiety and confusion and we sure appreciated you reaching out to us to help clear some of that up. We hope that everything has progressed as well as hoped and we are here if you need us again.

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