Recently, King Military Law came to the aid of a long time friend of mine in the Navy. I was asked to participate in the process via character witness. He and his assistants, Angela and Kasheta were nothing short of kind, professional, thorough and attentive. In the end, King Military Law worked hard to find my friend innocent of all accusations. A complete success! They took the time to send me a personal email with the outcome and as a thank you. This doesn’t go unnoticed as above and beyond and thoughtful. I highly recommend this firm. The firm’s experience and achievement is unmatched. Truly trustworthy.

KML Response: Wow! Thanks for the nice words, Lacey. We really work hard to help those in need and words like yours really help. Thanks also for calling out Kasheta and Angela! They are the heart of this firm and put in long, silent, often unrecognized hours on behalf of those who trust us. I appreciate you recognizing them. And thank you for your help in that case. Friends like you are the reason we were able to convince the court that your friend would never commit the accusations. Your friend has good friends! Thanks again!

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Lacey R.