Simply put Don, Kasheta and the rest of king military law are amazing. They are worth every dollar and Don truly cares about each of one of his clients. He will work night and day for and there is no one better than Don in this business. I was facing a board of inquiry for a situation that had gotten so far out of hand. Don pointed out so many flaws in my case and stopped my situation before it made it to a BOI. I can’t thank Don enough. I called Don over 20 times a day. He always answered my phone calls, was patient and was with me every step of the way keeping me calm and grounded. My only regret is I didn’t call Don immediately at the first sign of trouble.

KML Response: Thanks so much for the kind review, Sid! It was an honor assisting you with this matter and we’re so glad we were able to persuade the Admiral that a Board of Inquiry wasn’t warranted. You deserve the successful career that I’m sure lies ahead for you. Call us (even twenty times a day!) if you need us.

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Siddharth Swaminathan
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