I was facing a hopeless situation and risked losing everything my family sacrificed for during my 19 year career. At my lowest point my spouse called King Military Law to see if they could help us—she knew from that first conversation that we would hire King Military Law. Everyone at King Military Law treated me with dignity and went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable and informed throughout the process.

I faced a General Court Martial which was ultimately sent to a Special Court Martial at which Don masterfully secured a letter of reprimand as punishment. Hiring King Military Law was without a doubt the right move. I feel so indebted to this team; I wish I could do more to endorse them.

KML Response: Thanks, Jacob. It was such an honor to not only represent you, but to get to know you and your family. I know you won’t mind if I say how proud I am of the way you confronted your combat-related mental health difficulties and turned this event into something good. It makes me proud that you and your wife have fought so hard and plan to continue to fight to make sure that good will come of this and that others who may suffer in similar circumstances will suffer less because of you. I wish I could take credit for the positive outcome of your case, but I believe the authorities saw what I saw and awarded you the lowest punishment they could as a result. All of us here at KML will be forever grateful and proud that you let us fight this battle with you. And we will all be watching as you and your wife surely turn this all around for something good. Please send us a copy of that book! And please stay in touch. Godspeed.

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