If you are facing any legal issues within your command, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Don. He is one of the best military attorneys you could ever ask for. He is sincere and extremely knowledgeable about the military law. I was in the process of getting separated for a pattern of misconduct a few months before my EOS. I felt so hopeless and scared that I would lose all my benefits. I waited at the last minute to contact Mr. Don. God knows that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He took his time to listen to my issues and told me right away that he could help me. After I provided him with all the information that was needed for my case, he and his team were able to write a very successful letter to my command admiral and allow me to get out with an honorable discharge. The only regret I have by choosing Attorney Don and his team is not contacting them much earlier than I did. Thanks again, Mr. Don. I greatly appreciate you and your team for helping me win my case.

KML Response: You’re so very welcome, Roberto! So many service members accept a less than Honorable separation not knowing they can fight back and win the discharge they deserve. I’m glad you reached out and it was our honor getting you that Honorable! Best of luck on school and stay in touch!

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Roberto Augustin
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