I have known CAPT (Ret), Don King, now for more than a year and he’s more than a military lawyer. As soon as you hire him, you will see from day #1 that he will treat you as more than just a client. I hired him after the Navy accused me of issues and tried to separate me after more than twelve years of active duty and that fight took nearly a year. But I will never forget, for example, how routine it was for Don to call me over that time and keep me updated and to just “check up on me,” see how I was doing, ask about my family, and advise me to take some leave and try to ignore my problems for a time. This may not seem that significant, but it will after months of facing daily a depressing, isolated, hostile work environment. If you ever find yourself accused by your command, you’ll feel absolutely abandoned. Don understood that and it was priceless to have his encouragement and compassion.
My nightmare began in May 2021, three weeks before my family and I were to PCS from Japan. As a Naval Officer, my life changed dramatically when I was falsely accused and charged with several counts under the UCMJ. I immediately sought help from the active duty JAGs but they seemed inexperienced and uncommitted. I hired another law firm and they were a waste of money. A day before my NJP, my wife contacted King Military Law to ask for advice and explained to Mr. King that we were stationed overseas. Mr. King informed her that he would need to read and review all the documents before he could tell her if he could help me and asked her to forward those documents to him. Within hours, and for no cost, Mr. King was on the phone with me and quickly started advising me of my different options. I finally felt like I was in good hands as Mr. King talked me through what the future would be and gave me hope to fight these charges. I refused NJP and demanded a court martial but the command folded and tried to separate me instead.
Mr. King did an exhaustive investigation into the allegations and found evidence that supported me that even I didn’t know existed! After CNPC ordered separation, Mr King submitted thirty page memo to CNPC showing that I was not guilty or that I should at least get a hearing to present the evidence. CNPC agreed and gave me a hearing. Throughout this process, Mr. King was available 24/7 and always took the time to speak with me regarding my concerns and where we were in the BOI process. In addition, Mr. King agreed to fly to Japan to represent me and I spent an entire week with him. I quickly learned that he possesses unmatched drive and determination. Before settling on a course of action, he attacks problems from all angles and plays each one out in great detail. The benefits of his actions were apparent long before we stepped foot in the hearing, amassing a sizeable defense file. He kept me informed and sought my input on all matters. During the BOI proceedings, he absolutely unleashed hell on the government with a well-prepared and blistering case that left the government lawyers (there were two of them!) speechless. In a very respectful manner, Mr. King proved that the accuser and government witnesses were lying and ended up not only convincing the BOI members to find me NOT GUILTY on all charges, but they actually expressed their irritation at the command for the lack of leadership and judgement in bringing these charges to the BOI in the first place.
Mr. King saved my career and I can’t thank him enough on behalf of myself and my family. I am forever grateful, and, although he was more expensive than other lawyers out there, it was absolutely the best money we have ever spent–and the best decision I have ever made. If you find yourself in the same shoes…your search should end here.”
Navy Officer, 2022

KML Response: WOW! What a case you had! All of us here at KML are so happy that you reached out to us over a year ago! Your case was a long fight, that took several letters and LOTS of phone calls but the hearing results said it all! You didn’t deserve to be treated the way you were and I’m sorry you and your family had to go through all of that, but I’m so glad you never gave up! Sometimes the right result requires a great deal of time and effort. BUT YOU DID IT! Congrats to you and your family and good luck at your next duty station!

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