I recently hired Don King and his team for my legal situation and they delivered expertly. I was not sure what my options were and they laid it out for me in a way I can understand. There are no guarantees when it comes to legal situations but I was lucky that I went with what I came to see was the best in the game. Give them a call. I wish you the same result that I had especially with Angela and Kasheta on the case too.

KML Response: Thanks! Appreciate your nice words. Angela, Kasheta, and all of us here at KML were so honored to help you. When the military makes terrible decisions that hurt our servicemembers needlessly, we get fired up and that’s when we’re at our best! So happy when we heard the “not guilty” that you so richly AND OBVIOUSLY deserved. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to fight this fight with you. And good luck in marriage, retirement, and life!

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