This guy has the best legal team in the nation, hands down. All odds were against my best friend, another co-worker, and myself. Somehow, he managed to win every single battle. Don King literally fought for us 24/7, it did not matter to him whether it was the weekend or late at night. Don always answers the phone [and] provides support through stressful times. Don is a winner, what can I say. I will always be forever grateful that I hired this man. When you go to court with him, you will see that you didn’t waste your money and time, but you invested it. This guy [is] awesome, I would hire him a 10000000000000 times if had to because I know he will win.

KML Response: Thanks, Rancell! Appreciate the review. All of us here at KML were so happy to meet and work with you! Your case should have never been sent to a court-martial and I’m glad we were able to get the charges dismissed. You’re an exceptional Marine and American and I look forward to seeing you do great things! Thanks for trusting us to represent you and stay in touch!

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