King Military Law saved my best friend’s life and career. The Navy likely illegally separated a close friend of mine with 14 years of service, at the time, as a Sailor. As was I, she was stuck overseas in Afghanistan in 2020 due to the travel ban Gen Miller initiated to prevent personnel from entering and leaving Theater. She wasn’t able to fulfill her naval obligations due to the ban. She fought tooth and nail to come back into service and went through MEPs for a second time to continue serving. The Navy again tried to ADSEP the sailor for a separate reason, and that’s when she hired King Military Law. If my friend was given her charges she would’ve lost her medical career, intelligence career, and at this point 16 years of active service. I was present for her ADSEP board and watched King Military Law in action. The process was extremely nerve-racking. The recorder wasn’t pulling any punches about my friend’s character they were trying to portray to the board. King Military Law’s kindness, professionalism, and strategy saved her life. They helped her beat a case that typically the service member wouldn’t win. I 10/10 recommend King Military Law. For the first time in 2 years, my friend is able to truly rest and breathe.

KML Response: Thank you, Ms. Porter, both for the kind review and for your support of our client/your friend.

What a travesty she was put through and it was clear that your support meant so much to her. It was truly an honor to stand up for your friend and we echo what the senior member of the Board said as they found her “not guilty” of all charges: “You are an asset to the Navy!” Remember that? So true.

That was one of the hardest fights we’ve had in awhile and hearing that the Board agreed with everything we presented was a relief, but not a surprise, given your friend’s stellar character, career, and support.

Thanks again for your thoughtful words and for being such a great friend!

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Hailey Porter