I’ll never forget the day. KML is the real deal, I called around everywhere looking to find a trustworthy, reliable representation. Immediately I noticed his confidence and aggressiveness right off the bat. He informed me of the process every step of the way. On days that I’d leave the base feeling defeated, he’d contact me and ask me how my day went. He’s straightforward, experienced and definitely the man you want for the job. Not to mention his legal team, specifically his paralegal are nothing to sneeze at. I’m 3rd generation Air Force, he wanted to wash the courtroom floor with the opposition. After they stopped my pay due to a PCS, I had the wherewithal to afford his legal fee. Ultimately after the stress and depression following tours overseas, I wanted to pursue education. I had aspirations to follow in his exact footsteps but after doing close to 15 yrs on the healthcare side, I figured I should maintain and broaden my scope for the better. I can’t express my gratitude enough for King Military Law. To this day I look to him for guidance on how to maneuver & he gives me advice that a client should open both ears to. Thanks again, Sir.

KML Response: Thanks for the review, B.C.!  We were so honored that you chose us and so happy that we were able to help you get what you wanted. I look forward to an invitation to your PhD. graduation ceremony!

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B. C.
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