I was told by my command and even military lawyers that my separation from the military was inevitable and that there was no way to fight it. I lost all hope [and] was going to accept my separation from the military. But, thanks to the guidance of Mr. King, I was encouraged to fight for my name and was even able to win my board with the help of Mr. King and his Firm. Angela and Kasheta were always there to assist me with any questions or concerns I had, and Angela did an amazing job scrutinizing the discovery and finding many flaws with the accusations. It was their hard work and dedication that eventually led to me being retained in the military. Mr. King was always professional and instilled confidence in me that I had nothing to fear. I would highly recommend his firm, knowing that his team will give you one hundred percent of their efforts and help you fight for what’s right.

KML Response: Thanks for telling your story, Ariel. Unfortunately, many active duty members are given little hope when they find themselves accused of something in the military, and it can definitely be discouraging. But, in our experience, it’s always best to at least try and fight back. The military makes mistakes, witnesses don’t always tell the truth, and commands make decisions based on erroneous information. That’s why all of us here at KML think “out of the box.” We never assume, we never guess, and we never give up. Your case is a perfect example of why. Our very best to you, Ariel. So glad that you have your future back!

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Ariel Difo
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