I was facing a NJP for a innocent situation brought up by some disgruntled subordinates. The command was looking to ram through proceedings to save face, but upon hiring Don he quickly came to my defense and forced the command to blink, and stop proceedings. I was less than a year from retirement and needed to make sure I was protected. My rank and retirement and everything I had worked hard for were at risk. However after Don’s tenacious defense on my behalf I ended up only having 45 days of EMI. Don and the rest of King Military Law were worth every cent, and I’m beyond grateful that I hired him and his team.

KML Response: Thanks for leaving a review, Paul. It was indeed discouraging to see your command threaten your retirement over such trivial and unsupported accusations. Unfortunately, at KML, we see this same type of threat more often than we should. I’m so glad you decided to fight and it was our honor to help you successfully fight back. You deserved that win and we celebrate that win with you! Best of luck to you and your family as you enjoy a well-deserved retirement! Don and the KML team

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