After I graduated A school in Pensacola Florida I was sent to my first duty station in San Diego California. I was an AO stationed on the USS Carl Vinson. Within weeks of being on the ship the abuse from my chain of command started. I will briefly touch on the details because if I told you all every single little detail this message would be 500 pages long. [Describes medical injuries, command’s inaction, reporting that inaction to Congress and the retaliation that resulted]. Once we got back to port I contacted Don King after I found his number on google as a last resort. I was desperate and hopeless. I sent a pdf file of all of the medical evidence as well as documented evidence I gathered over the previous months via email to Don King. Shortly after we met face to face in mid December right before I went on holiday leave…And 2.5 months later…I was honorably discharged from the Navy with a dd-214 in hand. Throughout the entire process of Don representing me he always reached out to check on me. And he made it clear to the entire chain of command on the Carl Vinson that if there was any retaliation for me hiring an attorney that there would be swift and severe consequences. He offered moral support and answered the phone morning, noon, and night any time I had a question. He protected me on my way out and taught me how to properly navigate this entire process in a safe and effective manner. He was absolutely ruthless when it came to fighting to get me a good deal and make sure I didn’t get screwed over with a negative discharge that negatively effected my life outside of the military. Don King is a man with a good moral compass, whose kind and understanding with 30 years prior navy jag experience as a retired Captain. His knowledge and experience is absolutely priceless and if you pay for his services you will absolutely receive the best outcome that a legal representative can possibly provide. In a matter of 2.5 months Don King did what congress and the entire department of the navy couldn’t do combined. I couldn’t be happier that I came across Don King’s name and I’ll forever be grateful to call him a friend. If anyone is being abused by their chain of command I highly suggest you start documenting absolutely everything that happens to you and contact don king. Once you give him the evidence of what has been happening to you, he will get you what you need every single time.

M. T.