I usually don’t write reviews, however I will for King Military Law. I had a case that was about to become sticky and I wasn’t getting much guidance from my command. I called King Military Law, and [the] legal aid really helped me out and guided me through the entire process. I was able to navigate with confidence and advocate for my self. The service that was provided helped ease my anxiety and stress. I was able to face my command and make sure I was being treated correctly because the staff from [KML] helped me out prior to speaking to my command. 100 percent recommend them to anyone who is in the military. I know who to go to if I ever get in potential legal trouble and I will definitely tell any of my Sailors to call them, especially if you don’t trust your command, call [KML]. They will take care of you, I promise.

KML Response: Hi Michelle: Thanks so much for your review. Our paralegal department is lead by a retired Navy Chief who just told me about how they were able to help you resolve your legal issue without the need for an attorney. We are very proud of them and their strong desire to make sure you and your colleagues get the assistance you deserve. Thanks so much for your service and for taking the time to tell others about us. Please let us know if we can help you or one of your Sailors in the future!

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Michelle S.
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