I genuinely can’t thank Mr. King enough for his efforts in defending me against my leadership. I’m a 4th generation USAF NCO, that has deployed and garnered numerous decorations and accommodations along the way. Due to the hard work I gave the USAF, I was caught off guard by their initial allegations of AWOL, failure to obey, possession of a narcotic, [and] misuse of a government travel card. My heart still sinks in my chest after reflecting back on 2020. For starters, the AWOL charge seemed as it was dropped within a week of contacting Mr. King. Little did I know, every charge that once had my heart pounding 24/7 was dropped, due to Mr. King and his staff. When COVID began, we [my unit] altered our work center schedules and some people were off for two weeks. Not on quarantine but completely off and we only had verbal accountability. My commander at the time used to tell me after meetings how he & his family had been traveling and what not during the pandemic. So I assumed as an NCO that I could travel as well. When I came off the reserves and went Active Duty they literally didn’t pay me from May-Aug. Imagine leaving a small town to a big California city like Los Angeles and only living off of the profit that you made when you sold your home. It’s unfortunate that I never truly reaped the benefits of my home sell. I had zero dependents so I was significantly behind on all of my financial obligations. I assumed utilizing my [government] travel card was acceptable, well…I guess I was in the wrong. I didn’t even fail a urine examination, they saw photos of marijuana in my phone. Mr. King asked me what was the best case outcome that I wanted to happen. I informed him that I was done with the Air Force, I wanted to be discharged anyway and whichever way possible. Any other lawyer would’ve said everything but guarantee my right to freedom. Don King answered every phone call, every email. He even took time out of his day to speak with my retired DoD Uncles and explain the process to them as well. Capt (Ret) King not only cares about service members, he goes above and beyond for his clients and their family. There’s not a day that I wake up that I am not gracious for his services. I’m now a proud father, and a current student pursuing to become a healthcare provider, while leveraging my military knowledge and experience. All due to Mr King’s work. Contact Mr King’s team and paralegal immediately, if you think you may require representation. Wishing the KML firm the best in health and wealth.

KML Response: Thanks for the review, NCO Medic. I wish I could say that the Air Force’s actions towards you surprised me but that is the environment we live in. I’m glad that you trusted us to handle that issue for you and even happier that you were able to get you all that you wanted out of this mess. Happy to hear that you are doing so well, and I’m not surprised by that either. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review. Best to you and yours as well!

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