Don is absolutely amazing, I cannot thank him enough for how much he helped me out with my case. He knows the Navy legal system inside out and has a ton of experience. If it weren’t for him I would have never been reinstated. My chain of command literally tried to rail road me, twist my story, and even tried to tell me that it was illegal to get legal representation, but Don worked with me every step of the way. Before contacting Don I spoke with other lawyers and they did not care at all, and didn’t even listen to me and my case. The JAG even blew me off and told me that I was going to loose, didn’t even want to help me out, but Don did it, and got my rank back. I’m so incredibly grateful that he had my back. Don is the way to go for anything legal dealing with the Navy, he’s #1 in my books.

KML Response: Hey, Bryce! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with! It’s true that Navy commanders have a great deal of authority and very little incentive to correct their errors. As a result, even other lawyers feel like they can’t give Sailors any hope. But there IS hope, you just have to fight for it and that’s why all of us here at KML do this type of work. We’re retired military, parents of current military, and we have LOTs of experience fighting–and winning. And when we do so, it makes us as happy as our clients to get them what they deserve–in your case avoiding a separation for high-year tenure that you didn’t deserve. Thanks so much for reaching out and all of us at KML wish you, your wonderful wife, and your little one the best of luck as you continue your career. Please invite us to your promotion to Chief, which I’m sure will happen soon!

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Bryce B
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