Don King and his team are the best legal team I have ever worked with. In the courtroom and out[,] he and his team fight for you and support you. Don and his team will check in on you during the process to help you keep fighting the battle on all fronts, the one in the courtroom, the one in your mind, and whatever battles may come up during your time with them. He helped to keep me looking to [the] goal of a favorable outcome while also keeping [me] informed of what we could do if we don’t receive it. To ensure that you have all information needed to go into the court room as prepared as possible. He and his team answer questions, complaints, or comments in a timely manner. I could not imagine going through this process with any other legal team or lawyer. I can never put into words what he and his team did for me or what emotions can best describe this experience with them. All I can say is this. Don and his team gave me my life and my career back, and I am doing better for it.
Thank you, Don, and Thank you, King Military Law.

KML Response: Thank YOU, Antonio. Both for your dedicated service and for trusting us to help you continue despite the terrible, unsupported decision to charge you with those offenses. Glad we were able to get all of your questions answered, assist you with your command complaints as the process moved forward, and to keep your “head in the game.” Enormously grateful that the board saw through this and acquitted you of all charges. I know it was a grind, and I’m sorry you had to go through it, but it was an honor for all of us at KML to get to know you, stand beside you, and fight this battle with you, and I agree that you’ll be an even better leader because of it. Thanks again, and best of luck at school!”

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