King Military Law, where do I start? Absolutely amazing. I have always felt like “you get what you pay for,” was a saying to live by. When I was searching for Legal Representation I wanted the best. Don King was confident which likewise instilled confidence in me and my family, which was very important to me. Don King is a go getter that does what he says. He never beat around the bush or told me anything that wasn’t true. He showed me through actions that he operates in a field of his own. The prosecution as well as the judge seemed overwhelmed and confused while standing in the same room as my separation. The prosecutions closing statement in comparison to Don King was the equivalent of a child who is just learning to walk being compared to a seasoned Olympic Gold medalist in track. It was unfair to the point that I had to be reminded multiple times not to smile or laugh in court. It resembled being in a mock court battle with an actor playing the judge and one playing the prosecution with a real lawyer with 38 plus years of experience representing me. If you care about the outcome of your case and/or your military career there is only one choice, Don King. This is not a payed for advertisement, this is a very happy “not guilty, all charges dropped” customer. At least call him for advice.

KML Response: Thanks so much for the review, Chief! It was an honor representing you and meeting your family. Thanks also for “fighting back” against the system! You deserved this win! Stay in touch!

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Jimmy S
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