Where do I begin? This will be a bit lengthy as I want to share my experience [with] King Military Law. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful, blessed, and completely honored we are to have had Don King and his team representing my Marine. A few months ago, my son found himself in a very difficult, very scary and extremely stressful situation. A parent’s worst nightmare. My son was being FALSELY accused of a very serious crime. My son had no chance to speak his truth, and was immediately guilty in the eyes of command with absolutely no chance for a positive outcome. He was sent to the Brig, then he was to be Court Martialed. This was extremely heart-wrenching to a mother who 100% knows without a doubt that her son is innocent, it completely broke me and tore me apart. There was nothing I could do and I felt completely helpless until I found Don, and that changed everything. Once Don heard my son’s case, he immediately took action. He got my son out of the Brig within 24 hours of my first phone call with Don and that was only the beginning. Don ensured that my son’s rights were protected. Don protected my Marine when I could not. Don made sure that my son would not get screwed out of what he was entitled to, since my son was a few months from completing his enlistment. Don fought for my boy, presented facts and had these serious charges dismissed against my son, all without having to go to court martial. Don believed in my son from day one and relentlessly fought for him. Don is caring and compassionate and genuinely cares. While going through this stressful situation, Don made sure to reach out to my Marine a few times a week to check in with my son to make sure he was mentally and emotionally doing well. Don kept us updated throughout the process and we always knew what to expect. In the end my son was separated under honorable conditions and is now home. All [of] which never would’ve happened without Don. Don saved my son’s career and ensured that my son could have a successful and bright future in the civilian world. I promise that you will not find another Military Attorney with the experience and knowledge that Don has, just take a look at his resume. Don is a warrior who will run circles around anyone. Thank you so much Don and Kasheta for everything! Forever thankful.

KML Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to relay your experience with us, Dina. All of us here at KML are former or retired military and parents so we know how hard it can be for parents when their kids are involved in military justice. It’s an unfamiliar and complex system that can make parents feel helpless. We’re all so glad that you and your son reached out to us for help and we were honored to ensure that the Marine Corps finally treated your son with the fairness he deserved. Again, thanks for all of your kind words, please stay in touch, and we wish your son the very best in his future endeavors!

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