I felt so hopeless until I found Don. The way that most of us service members aren’t entirely educated on our rights. Is appalling. What I was accused of is supposed to be a career killer. Something as simple as licking my fingertips while handling cash could’ve cost me everything. Don and LT Bassani both work in tandem in a way that was so symbiotic you could’ve sworn they’ve worked together for decades. And a special and well-deserved shoutout to Angela and Kasheta. They walked me through the process and practically held my hand the entire way. Not only that but they made myself and my witnesses feel comfortable. When it’s all said and done. This is the team you want on your side.

KML Response: Thanks, A! It was so nice to get to know you and help you through the legal maze. Most “feel hopeless” when they are given bad news from the service but most shouldn’t. There is usually always something a good legal team can do to help and I’m happy that, in your case, this is all now behind you and you can continue your outstanding career. And thanks for mentioning Kasheta and Angela! They care so much about our clients and their families that I often get comments about how much they help. Thanks for including them! And thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We appreciate you!

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