I was wrongfully blindsided by a serious allegation that completely destroyed my career. I didn’t know where to turn and found Don King and his team. I was eventually, justly retained, and it would not have been the case if Don and his team [had] not [stood] by my side for almost 2 years [to] fight for me. If you find yourself in a position and don’t know where to turn, trust me when I say Don and his team are here to do everything they can to make sure your voice is heard and the truth comes out.

KML Response: Thanks, Ryan. Can’t tell you how sorry all of us here at KML are that you had to endure two years of legal limbo until you were able to get your day in court. It’s a sad testament to military inefficency that cost you so much time. But your good spirits and unwillingness to give up motivated us all and, in the end, the right thing happened and you were finally, completely, exonerated.

It was such an honor and pleasure getting to know you and your supporters and we wish you the very best in what I’m sure is a bright future!

Thanks again, Ryan!

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Ryan Smith
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