Going through any legal matter is something that everyone hopes they never have to deal with. For our family, it was one of the scariest and most difficult things we have ever had to go through. My spouse was facing criminal charges, although were considered a misdemeanor in a civilian case, it was something that the government/military may not have consider minor. In fact, this one bad decision could have affected my spouse’s security clearance and ended a long time career. When we learned how the charges could effect my spouse’s employment, we quickly began researching attorneys familiar with security clearances. We stumbled upon Don King early on a Saturday morning. We left a quick inquiry to see if he could help – even though we were unsure he was the right attorney for us, as my spouse wasn’t in the military. We immediately got a response and it was like God had handpicked Don for us. I have worked with many attorneys in my line of work and to be quite honest felt nervous to have to work with one in this capacity – as sadly in my experience many attorneys can come across very intimidating and don’t always have that personable side to them. We learned from our initial phone consultation that we couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent us. Don was not only extremely knowledgeable in security clearance issues like ours (the way they work, how they are obtained and more importantly how they are retained) but his character, professionalism and just sincere kindness was felt from the very start. Right away, we could tell he would do everything he could to get us through this unfortunate and scary situation.  Don worked tirelessly and quickly as we had a very short window of time to deal with this situation. We met and spoke with him over the weekend and he worked on our case immediately and was very responsive and available to us any hour of the day. When Don said he would be available if we had questions – he meant it. As people who have had only minor traffic tickets “on our record” this really caused a lot of stress and worry on us and our family. Don never made us feel bad for the endless questions we had and always gave us his professional and honest opinion. We truly appreciated the way he would break things down to us in more simple terms – so we could understand the legal jargon and government/military terms and processes. He made sure we were aware of all possibilities and in the end he got us the most favorable decision we could have asked for – allowing my spouse to keep the security clearance and employment. Don went above and beyond what we expected. We are truly grateful for Don and can’t express how much retaining him was the best decision our family made for this situation.  We hope that families and people like us, who need help with issues that seem almost hopeless, will give Don King a call. There is no doubt that Don stands above the rest with his amazing experience in military/government and security clearances but for my family it was his personality, kindness and true desire to help people that stood out the most. We highly recommend Don King and his team!

KML Response: Hi S! And thanks for leaving a review. Serving kind and generous families like yours, who are faced with unimaginable trouble for the first time in their good lives, is why I am in this business and I’m so glad you found me! I’m also very thankful that everything worked out for your family. I know the process was scary, but you held on, powered through, and (most importantly) listened to your lawyer (wink!). Please keep in touch.

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