I try to live an honest life but I am only human and made a bad judgement that could have cost me my career. Last year, I made a bad decision which lead to criminal charges against me. As a federal employee holding a security clearance I was stressed and at a loss on what this would do to my career. Would I lose my clearance, would I lose my job, who do I tell, what do I do? It was Saturday so we started leaving messages for attorneys specializing in security clearances and by God’s grace we received a call back that day from Don. He spent over an hour on the phone with us listening to my situation. Because of his background as a Navy JAG and his knowledge of the entire security reporting process by the end of our conversation I knew we needed to retain Don in order to keep my clearance and job. Don worked quickly and efficiently and took control of the process. Thanks to his experience and help, I received an email from my security officer a few weeks later stating that I was able to retain my security clearance and essentially my job. My family and I were in tears of the positive outcome and thankful for all the hard work Don had put in to make that outcome happen. I am so grateful for all Don has done for me and my family.

KML Response: Thanks for the review, D. It was an honor assisting you through this difficult process and agree, you are an extremely honest person and a great American! You deserved the positive outcome you received and I look forward to staying in touch as you continue on your phenomenal career!

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