There really aren’t adequate words to explain how grateful we are for Don. The first time we called, he immediately made himself available to us—listened compassionately while we, still in a state of unbelief, stumbled through our story in hopes that he could help and he even advised us on what type of attorney we should consider “if we didn’t hire him”! He was authentic, straightforward, personable, and professional. He tenaciously advocated for us and the knowledge that he was “watching our six” enabled us to move forward and create normalcy for our kiddos during what would’ve otherwise been paralyzing circumstances. I think for most people, as it was with us, hiring an attorney was something we couldn’t have imagined needing to do in our wildest imaginations, but we’re so thankful we did. In someone else’s review they said “worth every penny”…we couldn’t agree more! Except I feel like we thought we were just hiring an advocate for our family and ended up with, both, an advocate and a lifelong friend. Thank you with all sincerity, Don (and team)!

KML Response: Thanks so much, MJ. All of us here were so moved by your review. As we worked with you through this crazy issue, it was so humbling to watch you navigate the difficulties others created. I say with all sincerity that you and your family are the definition of “honor, courage and commitment.” It was our honor to meet you and your “team” and we all look forward to a lifelong friendship!

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