After I completed OCS I received my DD214 and signed my commissioning documents, I was excited to start my new career and become a leader. Then the nightmare began… I lost my commission and was accused of integrity violations. I did my best to prove to the chain of command of my innocence but the accuser out ranked me and everyone just wanted to push me aside. I reach out to Don, and together with Tim they were able to successfully submit an article 1150. As the package went to several CoC’s they all put the blame on me which was odd because the facts supported my side. Finally at the last possible moment an Admiral saw that my case had merit and admitted my contract was violated. All of my stress and depression suddenly was lifted and my faith in the justice system was restored. Thank you Tim and thank you Don for all your hard work, dedication, and support. God bless your team and thank you for saving my career. I look forward to thanking you both in person.

KML Response: Thanks, Larken! And you’re right! Tim and I also thought this was going to be a tough one. Every level of Navy command had their heels dug in and we thought for sure that you would need to plead (and would win) your case at the BCNR. Glad to see that we were incorrect and an Admiral finally saw the light. VERY happy for you. Sure hope you’ll send us a picture of you when they (re)pin the golden bars to your collars! And I hope you stay Navy, Larken! Principled fighters like you who won’t get pushed around are the kind of people we need leading our Sailors! Stay in touch!

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