Wow where do I begin. I’ll try to keep it short but this might be a long review based solely off of my own experience and my own opinion.

I found myself at a point I’d never thought I would find myself at, my command was trying to end my Military career over a huge misunderstanding. I tried to be honest and talk to my leadership to help clear the air, but it was a lost cause. 8 years of service and being a top performing Marine no longer mattered. I was going to be reduced in rank at minimum. I was hopeless and felt as if I had to accept my fate at NJP and hope that I could bounce back regardless of the small chance I would have with that. Honestly, I was convinced my career was over with.

Thank God I found out about King Military Law and their overwhelming good reviews on the internet. After speaking with Don I took his advice and turned down NJP and we began preparing for the eventual court martial. In the beginning I was apprehensive of fighting back and afraid I might be making things worse for myself. Throughout the whole process Don was unwavering in his support and everyone on board his team explained and reassured me throughout the process about anything and everything I wanted to know about. King Military Law was relentless, professional and so competent I am truly amazed. This team truly is spectacular and blew me away several times throughout my whole experience with them.

Long story short, I was found not guilty at a special court martial and now I have my whole career still in front of me. Knowing what I know now, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend King Military Law because they fought so hard for me, they definitely have the experience and competency to win and mostly they care about the service members they represent and want to help get them the justice the deserve.

If you are looking around for a law firm to represent you, just know from my personal experience this firm is the best of the best.

Thank you King Military Law!!

KML Response: Michael: Thanks so much for leaving our team a review and sharing what you went through. I’m so happy that you risked it all by refusing NJP–you were innocent and the only way we were going to show that was a court martial. All of us here at KML believed in you, so many of your superiors believed in you, and we’re honored that you believed in us to get you through this. It was a wild ride, but it ended in your full exoneration, which allowed you get back to being the stellar Marine you have always been. Congratulations, best of luck to you, and please stay in touch! Don

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Michael Whitmon
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