My journey with King Military Law began when my Navy Reserve Center falsely accused me of committing a crime but failed to notify me until nearly a year had passed after said crime. I was literally looking at losing everything I had ever worked towards the 16 years I had spent in the military to include a burgeoning career in the healthcare sector, my security clearance, my G.I Bill benefits, ect. If you think that situation can’t get any more stressful, try searching for legal counsel who will treat your case with the utmost importance instead of just a money grab. Thankfully, I found King Military Law quickly and was sold from the many 5-star reviews to Don’s impressive resume, and Kasheta’s prompt response to my initial query. During the consultation, Don did not shy away even after I explained the details of my rather complex case. In fact, he seemed to relish in the challenge of it all. Once retained, he and the rest of his legal team immediately began working various angles of my case and even provided further support by helping me navigate through several legal forms provided by my command to ensure that none of my rights were signed away.

As it is the Navy Reserve, I had to wait several months for my Administrative Separation Board to convene; however, Don and his legal team always answered any questions that I had or dealt with any situations that arose in a timely manner and kept me in the loop as new details emerged. To say I was beyond stressed out the weekend of my Administrative Separation Board is an understatement, Angela’s positive demeanor and Don’s encouraging words were greatly appreciated. Don is a talented legal force and well versed in proceedings, his eloquence and extensive knowledge of military law is clear. However, what stuck out to me the most is the moment when the opposing counsel launched a particularly catty and rather unwarranted personal attack on my character. Don immediately but gracefully rebuffed his attack, providing a compelling and moving argument in which he showered me with praise and related similar experiences he had in the Navy to my case in order to appeal to board members on my behalf.

Thanks to King Military Law, I was able to win my case and can finally relax for the first time in nearly a year. I can’t thank the exceptional legal team (Don, Kasheta, Angela, and Ashley) enough for their tireless efforts, they’re absolute consummate professionals who truly care about their clients and will always go that extra mile for them. I HIGHLY recommend King Military Law to any service members in need and seeking out legal counsel.

KML Response: Wow! Thanks, Olivia. Not only did you have to go through this horrendous experience, but you re-lived it here in this review. We sure appreciate that since our goal is to help Servicemembers like you who are wrongly accused of crimes by the military and desperately need help. We hope that your review will [help] us help them as well. And what a case yours was! We’ve had a lot of hard-fought battles here at KML, but the complexity of your case (reserve issues, security clearance issues, legal issues, command avoidance, logistical hurdles etc., etc.) was definitely unique. As a result, the entire team here at KML jumped into it with gusto. BTW, thanks so much for recognizing Kasheta, Angela, and Ashley! I often get the credit on these pages, but it’s a team effort, and those ladies are hardworking, caring, and as dedicated to our clients as I could ever be! I’m sure your comments will make their day!

And we are so glad that you WON COMPLETELY, and this is now behind you. You didn’t deserve this, but we were all inspired by the way you endured it professionally, calmly, and with hope. While the Navy tried to paint you as a criminal, don’t forget the senior juror’s words after the hearing: “We believe you, we think you’re an important asset to the Navy, and we hope you will stay with us.” That’s some high praise, and you deserved every bit of it. Forget about what the Navy prosecutor tried to paint you as. Again, thanks so much for trusting us with this crazy, scary, important legal fight, Olivia. Being in your corner was an absolute honor, and we look forward to watching you go on to great things! Please stay in touch!

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Liv S.
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