Holly Taylor

Holly enlisted in June 1993 and had a remarkable 26-year career in the Navy. Throughout her service, she immersed herself in comprehensive legal training, completing Legalman “A” School, Legal Officer School, and fulfilled an Independent Duty Legalman role for a 600-person battalion. Holly’s deep commitment to service made her the perfect fit for this role and she assisted the entire Battalion with their legal needs. In 2007, Holly was selected for the Security Limited Duty Officer (LDO) Program.

Holly’s career in the U.S. Navy is marked by an extensive array of legal accomplishments and responsibilities: Article 15 (or NJP) proceedings, NJP appeals, Administrative Separations (ADSEP), Boards of Inquiry (BOIs), and the intricacies of security clearances. She also managed courts martial, Inspector General (IG) investigations and officer misconduct issues. Holly also served in diverse operational roles, including two deployments to Iraq in direct support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM. While there, she served as the Officer-in-Charge of Detention Operations in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ensuring the safe and humane care of detainees. Holly’s also served as the Division Officer for the inaugural Navy and Marine Corps Guard Force Team, responsible for securing the nation’s strategic weapons and assets. She deployed on two aircraft carrier tours and played significant paralegal roles at Region Legal Service Office Southwest in San Diego, where she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

Once commissioned as an LDO, Holly served at the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion in Kings Bay, Georgia, and as the LDO/CWO Assistant Officer Community Manager in Millington, TN. Holly was next selected as the Executive Officer/Administrative Department Head for the elite Navy Blue Angels.  Prior to retiring, Holly served as the Administrative Department Head aboard USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69).

Following her naval service, Holly transitioned to the industry giant Amazon, where she managed critical escalations and security operations. However, her deep compassion for servicemembers and their needs drew her back to her first love, and Holly now brings her vast legal and administrative experiences to help KML clients find unique and practical solutions to their legal issues.

Holly joined KML in 2023.

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