When Military Appeals Work

I have written and spoken frequently on the importance of a thorough review for appeal. When a servicemember is convicted of a military crime, the conviction will be reviewed on appeal by a military appellate court that has the power to permanently set aside (or erase) the conviction. 

Here’s the latest case that proves that point: Our client was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by a military jury and sentenced to 65 months in prison and a dishonorable discharge. He hired KML to review his appeal and it became clear that his conviction was unjust.  We put together a comprehensive brief and received the following ruling from the court in May of 2023:

“After weighing the evidence . . . we are not convinced of Appellant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. [W]e have determined that the evidence is factually insufficient to support Appellant’s conviction [and] the findings and sentence are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.”

This means that this deserving client is released from the Brig, returned to active duty, paid the pay to which he was entitled while in confinement, and his criminal conviction record is erased. Justice took nearly three years, but it eventually happened!

If you or a loved one were convicted by a military court, please find a military lawyer experienced in appellate work who can ensure you have every chance at receiving the justice you deserve.

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