Military Court Martial

What Is A Military Court Martial?

If you’re facing a military court martial, the process can be confusing and scary. One of the ways to deal with the uncertainty is to become well-informed about what you face. Therefore, we’ve created a page that explains the court martial process in an effort to help you or your loved ones understand what you face and better inform you about the process. Click here to get answers about the court martial process. Click here to learn about the consequences of a court martial conviction.

When you need help, experience matters. Whether you need a plumber, a mechanic, or a surgeon, the more experience the better. This is even more critical when hiring a military attorney to help you fight at a court martial. If you’re facing a court martial, get as much experience on your team as you can.

“[Don] has mastered the art of . . . military justice . . . thorough grasp of rules, procedures, and [criminal law] processes. One of the preeminent experts in this field.” Supervising Military Judge, 2012

Don has 25 years as an active duty JAG working exclusively in jobs pertaining to courts martial. Learn more about Don’s experience here.

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