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“The best [junior officer] litigator I have ever known. . . brilliant legal mind already proven capable of handling the most complex litigation.” Commanding Officer, 1999

“Achieves impressive results, including a not guilty verdict in a complex murder trial.” Navy Captain, 1999

“Expert in every area of military law. Advice sought by all—junior and senior alike. Incomparable bearing and exemplary professional and personal behavior in and out of uniform. Once of the finest naval officers I know, regardless of rank.” Commanding Officer, 1998.

“Navy [Legal’s] top litigator, his zealous representation of clients was marked by superior trial advocacy skills and stellar results . . . tackled only the most difficult cases, routinely securing [dismissal] of charges, reduction in forum or post-trial relief.” Commanding Officer, 2000

“My most accomplished litigator—I trust him with any case. In high profile Marine case of Staff Sergeant charged with [engaging in sexual activity with underage] Army Colonel’s daughter, zealous advocacy resulted in [a pretrial agreement limiting punishment to reduction to Corporal]. Compelling clemency petition yielded suspension of even that reduction! In last 7 months, has won retention for 7 of 13 Separation Boards with none of his other clients receiving negative discharges. Commanding Officer, 1999

“Polished, dynamic, masterful defense counsel. Superb representation in high profile, complex sexual assault and drug distribution cases. Tenacious litigator whose performance is marked by superb pre-trial investigation, strategic motion practice, innovative use of expert witnesses, surgical cross examination and compelling argument.” Commanding Officer, 2000

“Top litigator in the command. Highly-skilled, hard working, and innovative. Consistently achieves superior results for his clients. My “go-to” man—thrives on challenge and responsibility.” Commanding Officer, 2000

“Master in every aspect of defense practice. Superb negotiator—[persuaded command to dismiss charges] against Chief Petty Officer facing multiple counts of sexual harassment.” Navy Captain, 2000.

“Routinely sought out by other counsel for comprehensive knowledge of post-trial and clemency [strategies].” Navy Captain, 2000

“My ‘go-to’ Lieutenant…the most challenging, high visibility [courts martial cases] are assigned to him.” Commanding Officer, 2001

“Exceptionally skilled and adept in military justice. . .demonstrates the judgement, maturity, and analytical ability of a seasoned Navy Commander.” Navy Captain (Submariner), 2001

“Extraordinarily gifted lawyer.” Navy Captain (Client), 2003

“A recognized military justice expert, handpicked to defend the most complex . . . cases, including a Marine charged with espionage and Commodore charged with dereliction.” Commanding Officer, 2004

“Best JAG ever! Anticipates and resolves legal issues before they have an impact.” Navy Vice Admiral, 2008

“BEST OF THE BEST! Exceptional attorney.” Commanding Officer, 2009

“As trial judge, expertly handled complex litigation from day one.” Supervising Military Judge, 2011

[Don] has mastered the art of . . . military justice . . . thorough grasp of rules, procedures, and [criminal law] processes. One of the preeminent experts in this field.” Supervising Military Judge, 2012

“2010 recipient of highly-competitive Judge Advocates’ Association Outstanding Career Judge Advocate Award, recognizing “exceptional professional accomplishment and leadership.” Navy Vice Admiral, 2012

“MILITARY JUSTICE EXPERT. [As Director of Defense Counsel Assistance Program], [a]vailed himself to defense counsel all around the globe, fielding . . . calls at all hours . . . and assisting in nearly every active Navy court martial! Lauded by [Defense Counsel] leadership and defense counsel for his expertise[.]” Navy Defense Chief of Staff, 2013

“PHENOMENAL PERFORMER! Ensured no defense counsel were left without authoritative reach-back 24/7. Traveled over 40K miles . . . providing training to defense counsel, instilling confidence . . . through proactive mentoring.” Navy Captain, 2013

“Leads a fully engaged and enthusiastic team in providing worldwide round-the-clock specialized support for all 57 counsel of the Navy Defense Bar. His teams . . . expert advice draw consistent praise for CO’s and their attorneys and have elevated our criminal defense practice Navy-wide.” Navy Defense Chief of Staff, 2014

“[As Appellate court judge] AT PINNACLE OF JUDICIAL PERFORMANCE. Unmatched depth of military justice experience[.] Adroit jurist with unsurpassed legal acumen[.] Has established a well-deserved reputation as an erudite jurist with impressive mental dexterity and competency.” Chief Judge of the Department of the Navy, 2015

“A true military justice expert and premier appellate judge. Elevated to Senior Judge . . . detailed to the most novel . . . pressing issues in a rapidly-involving military justice landscape.” Chief Judge of the Department of the Navy, 2016

“Nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate to serve as an Appellate Judge on the Court of Military Commissions Review, where he is instrumental in developing the dynamic, evolving jurisprudence of military commissions.” Chief Judge of the Department of the Navy, 2016

“BEST JAG I’VE EVER HAD!” Navy Rear Admiral, 2017

“Effective problem solver—diplomatic, forward-leaning, and focused. Problem solving skills extend beyond the law. Best JAG I’ve ever worked with.” Navy Rear Admiral, 2018

“With decades of experience, expertly guided the [Navy] through several complex, high visibility legal issues, including courts martial involving law of war violations and several senior officer misconduct cases.” Navy Rear Admiral, 2019

“My top Captain across all designators and commands. Best JAG I have ever known!” Navy Rear Admiral, 2019

“Mr. King represented me . . . and I can tell you he was thorough, personable, and aggressive in defending me. I owe him a debt of gratitude for defending me and making sure the truth was heard. His current experience will be invaluable to anyone in need of representation.” SSgt K.P, USMC, 2020

“Don King is probably the most upstanding man I have ever met. Integrity, should be his middle name. He is tenacious too, whether in sports or in a courtroom, he never gives-up. Winning is what matters to him. He is also honest. If he can’t get a job done, or if he isn’t the best for a particular job, he will tell you so. If you are in a bind, and if Don says he can help, you are truly lucky to have him on your side. He has helped me when I was in trouble, and I am truly fortunate to have had him on my side.” T. Rohan, 2020

“Hands down, Don King is the best lawyer you can have representing you in military criminal justice and administrative matters. I was a military attorney and worked with Don extensively and have never met someone who is as knowledgeable of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and military administrative procedures as he is. He has a top-notch reputation. Simply put, you want someone with Don’s vast experience as a criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, and military judge in your corner. When it comes to representing you to save your career and your livelihood, there is no one better than Don!” J. Clady, 2020

“Don King is a highly skilled advocate. His years working in the military justice system at some of the highest levels give his clients both the technical expertise and fine-tuned judgment that only come with decades of hands-on experience. Don is not only a fantastic lawyer, he is a kind person and truly cares about the men and women who serve. Don’s clients are lucky to have him fighting for them.” B. Fell, 2020

“I’ve practiced military law for 12 years. Don is one of the sharpest military law attorneys I’ve ever been around. I would trust his counsel in any matter.” B. McGee, 2020

“Don King’s excellence in performing his diverse roles in military law make him an exceptional attorney. His unmatched work ethic, character, and integrity make him an exceptional person. He’s the man I would want in my corner under any circumstance.” B. Dorsing, 2020

“Going through any legal matter is something that everyone hopes they never have to deal with. For our family, it was one of the scariest and most difficult things we have ever had to go through. My spouse was facing criminal charges that although were considered a misdemeanor in the civilian case – it was something that the government/military may not have consider minor. In fact, this one bad decision could have affected my spouse’s security clearance and ended a long time career. When we learned how the charges could effect my spouse’s employment, we quickly began researching attorneys familiar with security clearances. We stumbled upon Don King early on a Saturday morning. We left a quick inquiry to see if he could help – even though we were unsure he was the right attorney for us, as my spouse wasn’t in the military. We immediately got a response and it was like God had handpicked Don for us. I have worked with many attorneys in my line of work and to be quite honest felt nervous to have to work with one in this capacity – as sadly in my experience many attorneys can come across very intimidating and don’t always have that personable side to them. We learned from our initial phone consultation that we couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent us. Don was not only extremely knowledgeable in security clearance issues like ours (the way they work, how they are obtained and more importantly how they are retained) but his character, professionalism and just sincere kindness was felt from the very start. Right away, we could tell he would do everything he could to get us through this unfortunate and scary situation. Don worked tirelessly and quickly as we had a very short window of time to deal with this situation. We met and spoke with him over the weekend and he worked on our case immediately and was very responsive and available to us any hour of the day. When Don said he would be available if we had questions – he meant it. As people who have had only minor traffic tickets “on our record” this really caused a lot of stress and worry on us and our family. Don never made us feel bad for the endless questions we had and always gave us his professional and honest opinion. We truly appreciated the way he would break things down to us in more simple terms – so we could understand the legal jargon and government/military terms and processes. He made sure we were aware of all possibilities and in the end he got us the most favorable decision we could have asked for – allowing my spouse to keep the security clearance and employment. Don went above and beyond what we expected. We are truly grateful for Don and can’t express how much retaining him was the best decision our family made for this situation. We hope that families and people like us, who need help with issues that seem almost hopeless, will give Don King a call. There is no doubt that Don stands above the rest with his amazing experience in military/government and security clearances but for my family it was his personality, kindness and true desire to help people that stood out the most. We highly recommend Don King and his team! S.D., 2020

“Spoke to Mr. King for over an hour about a few potential concerns about my child’s future military career concerning some medical issues during the commissioning process. If your a parent that is losing sleep at night and has not eaten for a few days because you feel that the uncertainty of the military is bothering you when it concerns specific medical issues, and how the military would potentially react, then this is the man whom you need to consult with for your piece of mind and assurance. Mr. King went out of his way to talk to me on a Sunday evening after hours to address my questions and truly provided honest answers in a way that was decisive and reassuring which was greatly needed . I now feel very confident based on his extensive knowledge of medical issues and military procedures that my child will have a bright future serving our country.” R.J., 2021

“FIGHTER FOR YOUR RIGHTS: I worked as . . . Don King’s paralegal[.] Don had been assigned as defense counsel to a Sailor charged with murder[.] He worked tirelessly on this case and truly believed in his client and had so much compassion for this Sailor. This Sailor was acquitted of all charges. Let me say that I have worked for many attorneys in my nearly 30 years as a paralegal and there have been none that even come close to Don’s professionalism, drive and determination. He gives everything to ensure the best possible outcome for his client.” P.M. 2021

King Military Law: Decades of Experience in YOUR Corner–When Experience Matters Most

“FIVE STARS!!!  A TRUE ADVOCATE AND PROFESSIONAL!  Don and King Military Law are simply THE source for professional legal advice for military members. He made himself immediately available to answer questions of a personal/professional nature, and I walked away knowing I received fair and balanced advice that could be trusted. His approach is compassionate and professional, and I felt like he truly had my interest in mind. Don knows the fine details of military law, military-speak, and the devastation a civil proceeding can have on a military career. He took the time to hear me out and provided multiple points of views that only 30+ years of specialized litigation can accomplish. If you are reading this, likely something is occurring in your life that needs a true professional. Don helped me chart a course through some tricky water, and I can’t imagine a better advocate to help you navigate!” Air Force Officer, 2021

“Each case is different and results cannot be guaranteed, but I believe that my positive outcome was due to the work that Don put in as I was attempting the impossible, a “Hail Mary” to save my career.

I originally hired Don to represent me for a BCNR claim after a Board of Inquiry (BOI) had substantiated 2 allegations of misconduct against me, and was recommending to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) for me to be separated with a General (Under Honorable) characterization. As a Naval Officer with over 11 years committed to serving my country, I had just about given up and felt as though even though I was innocent of what I was being accused of, the system was rigged against me. I regretted not hiring an attorney earlier on, and though I felt the free legal assistance I got from the JAGs on base was good, their hands are tied in terms of the scope of their representation.

After talking with Don a couple times (both times for around an hour and without any cost to me), he agreed to take my case, as I was interested in retaining an attorney to fight for me to be reinstated AFTER separation. Instead, [Don fought for me to STAY, writing] a compelling letter to the ASN, which resulted in me being FULLY AQCUITTED! My command was surprised and backed off me finally, and the free Jags were amazed that the results of a BOI would be disapproved at the SECNAV level.

I will say that hiring Don cost me more than some other attorneys I consulted with, but it was worth having a retired O-6 JAG with Don’s level of experience on my side. Being recently retired and well-respected in his community, he still has the right connections that can be a difference maker in cases such as mine. He doesn’t mess around or beat around the bush, and I appreciated his straight-shooting approach.

I am confident that Don will fight to get the best possible outcome for his clients. He has done that for me.

If you are reading this and your back is against the wall, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the free consultation with Don. If you’re smarter than I was at the time, hire an attorney as soon as you can when facing legal troubles. The government has limitless resources at its disposal and you need a competent, confident attorney to advocate for your rights.

Though I’ve never met him as we did all of our work over the phone and via text/email, I hope to shake his hand and get a picture with him one day. Don did the impossible for me.” Naval Officer, May 2021

“FIVE STARS. King Military Law helped us through a very challenging time. He was responsive, understanding and knowledgeable about the military and specific issues active duty members deal with on a day to day basis.” Navy parent, 2021

“After speaking to several attorneys that all said our case was hopeless we found Don King. He took the time to listen to our whole story and understand what had happened and what we needed. He made us feel like our case was important and he genuinely cared. He maintained open lines of communication and kept us abreast of all developments. He explained the process thoroughly up front, and set proper expectations. He won our un-winnable case through extraordinary diligence. He thought of all the potential pitfalls and was prepared for every challenge. There are no words to express how grateful we are to him. We cannot recommend him enough!” Navy Parent, 2021.

“It’s impossible for me to give you all the full story of what my command did to me out to sea in only 4,000 characters so I’ll just leave you with the ending because that’s all that matters. The outcome after hiring Don King. Once we got back to port I contacted don after I found his number on google as a last resort. I was desperate and hopeless. I sent a pdf file of all of the medical evidence as well as documented evidence I gathered over the previous months via email to Don. Shortly after we met face to face in mid-December right before I went on holiday leave. I paid him his retainer fee & 2.5 months later I was honorably discharged from the Navy with a DD-214 in hand.

Throughout the entire process of Don representing me he always reached out to check on me. And he made it clear to my entire chain of command that if there was any retaliation for me hiring an attorney that there would be swift & severe consequences. He always offered moral support & answered the phone any time I had a question. He protected me on my way out & taught me how to properly navigate this entire process in a safe & effective manner. He was absolutely ruthless when it came to fighting to get me a good deal & make sure I didn’t get screwed over with a negative discharge that negatively affected my life outside of the military.

Don is a man with a good moral compass, and 30 years prior navy jag experience as a retired captain. His knowledge & experience is absolutely priceless & if you pay for his services you will absolutely receive the best outcome that a legal representative can possibly provide. In a matter of 2.5 months Don did what congress & the entire department of the navy couldn’t do combined. I couldn’t be happier that I came across Don’s name & I’ll forever be grateful to call him a friend. If anyone is being abused by their chain of command I highly suggest you start documenting absolutely everything that happens to you & contact don king. Once you give him the evidence of what has been happening to you, he will get you what you need every single time.” Navy Sailor, 2021

“Mr. King is a true professional. His knowledge and communication style are unmatched. He was very open and clear as well as understanding. He was also on top of things as well as thorough. When I had questions and addressed concerns, he was quick to return my inquiries. One of the best aspects of Mr. King was that we had a great connection and this allowed everything to run much more smoothly. I highly recommend Mr. King as representation for those seeking a true professional and great results.” Navy Chief Petty Officer, 2021

“As a military member, I was concerned with the new regulations and policies of the DoD with regards to the COVID vaccine, so I decided to reach out and get some legal background on the issue. Fortunately, I was able to find Mr. King and his practice and was quickly in contact having my first consultation over the phone with Don. Don was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns in an extremely professional manner for free and on his day off! Needless to say, if I have any Military legal issues Mr. King will be the first number I call!” Air Force Officer, 2021

“I can not speak highly enough about Don King. His care about my situation was clearly genuine and his ability to listen and understand the complexities of my situation were impressive. He is so smart, compassionate, balanced and wise. He’s the whole package. He also understands military law better than maybe almost anyone. From listening to Don you readily can understand that was not only an experienced trial attorney, he served as a Senior Judge in the Navy/Marine Corps Criminal Appeals Court!!! He understands all the in’s and out’s of military law and, If I am correct, even trained many Appellate Judges! He knows the law and knows the people in the military criminal law system. Since you are reading this and are probably in a very tough spot, I wouldn’t think twice about calling Don right away.” Marine Sgt, 2021

“I was facing a NJP for a innocent situation brought up by some disgruntled subordinates. The command was looking to ram through proceedings to save face, but upon hiring Don he quickly came to my defense and forced the command to blink, and stop proceedings.

I was less than a year from retirement and needed to make sure I was protected. My rank and retirement and everything I had worked hard for were at risk.

However after Don’s tenacious defense on my behalf I ended up only having 45 days of EMI. Don and the rest of King Military Law were worth every cent, and I’m beyond grateful that I hired him and his team.” Navy Chief, 2021


We try very hard to respond immediately. However, if you need emergency assistance (you are currently in police custody, etc.), please feel free to text us at our phone number informing us of that fact. Thanks, KML