We understand how hard it is to decide who you should hire to help you through what might be the most important fight of your life. We also know how hard it is to really know if you’re hiring the right firm.

So, we post reviews from real clients, witnesses, and their family members who’ve hired us and we provide the links to prove their authenticity. Some of our clients have even offered to allow us to give you their contact information so that you can speak to them personally.

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“[KML] Was Relentless, Professional And So Competent”

Wow, where do I begin? I’ll try to keep it short, but this might be a long review based solely [on] my own experience and opinion.

I found myself at a point I’d never thought I would find myself at, my command was trying to end my Military career over a huge misunderstanding. I tried to be honest and talk to my leadership to help clear the air, but it was a lost cause. 8 years of service and being a top performing Marine no longer mattered. I was going to be reduced in rank at minimum. I was hopeless and felt as if I had to accept my fate at NJP and hope that I could bounce back regardless of the small chance I would have with that. Honestly, I was convinced my career was over. Thank God I found out about King Military Law and their overwhelming good reviews on the internet. After speaking with Don, I took his advice, turned down NJP, and began preparing for the eventual court martial. In the beginning, I was apprehensive [about] fighting back and afraid I might be making things worse for myself. Throughout the whole process, Don was unwavering in his support and everyone on board his team explained and reassured me throughout the process about anything and everything I wanted to know about. King Military Law was relentless, professional and so competent I am truly amazed. This team truly is spectacular and blew me away several times throughout my whole experience with them.

Long story short, I was found not guilty at a special court martial and now I have my whole career still in front of me. Knowing what I know now, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend King Military Law because they fought so hard for me. [T]hey definitely have the experience and competency to win and mostly they care about the service members they represent and want to help get them the justice they deserve.

If you are looking around for a law firm to represent you, just know from my personal experience this firm is the best of the best. Thank you King Military Law!!

KML Response: Thanks, Mike. First, so sorry that you feel thrown under the bus by your command. I see a lot of cases and I believe higher authority pressure came to play in your case. I’m glad the Military Judge saw through it all and found you not guilty. I hope you take that verdict as a validation that you are a good Marine–one of the best–and the sheer number of senior Marines who came to testify on your behalf and then stayed for the trial is a testament to that. Keep marching, keep making the right calls, and keep fighting the good fight, regardless of who it is in the ring. Doing so will make you a great leader and and even better Marine. Thanks for the kind review and stay in touch!

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Michael Whitmon
March 19, 2024

“The Best Military Attorney”

Don King and his firm have saved me from losing what I was entitled to after serving nearly 4 years. Don fought relentlessly to protect my rights. I was being falsely accused of serious charges, with no hope of being given the opportunity or a fair chance of clearing my name. Don believed in me 100% and never questioned my character. Don and Kasheta were there for me 24/7 to answer questions through such a stressful time for myself and my family. Don would check-in with me to see how I was holding up.  He genuinely cared for my wellbeing.  Don and Kasheta are compassionate and truly care and they will fight for you and ensure that justice is served. Almost a year later Don and Kasheta continue to assist in getting my records to reflect accurate information, so that I can move forward with my Firefighter career. I can’t recommend Don King and King Military law enough!  You will not find another attorney with the experience, knowledge, compassion, and the fight that Don has in him.  He has numerous years and experience in the system, which you will not find anywhere else!! Thank you so much Don and Kasheta for all that you have done and continue to do!! A.T.

KML Response: Thanks, AT! It was sure nice getting to know you and your family. All of us here at KML appreciate you taking the time to share your story with others. I’m very glad we were able to help you ensure that the Marine Corps wasn’t able to put a blight on the rest of your life. We’re also very happy that you are on to great things like being a Firefighter! What a great choice. But take care of yourself as you care for others, and reach out to us if we can ever help.

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February 29, 2024

“Senior Leader Family In Crisis”

I was facing a hopeless situation and risked losing everything my family sacrificed for during my 19 year career. At my lowest point my spouse called King Military Law to see if they could help us—she knew from that first conversation that we would hire King Military Law. Everyone at King Military Law treated me with dignity and went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable and informed throughout the process.

I faced a General Court Martial which was ultimately sent to a Special Court Martial at which Don masterfully secured a letter of reprimand as punishment. Hiring King Military Law was without a doubt the right move. I feel so indebted to this team; I wish I could do more to endorse them.

KML Response: Thanks, Jacob. It was such an honor to not only represent you, but to get to know you and your family. I know you won’t mind if I say how proud I am of the way you confronted your combat-related mental health difficulties and turned this event into something good. It makes me proud that you and your wife have fought so hard and plan to continue to fight to make sure that good will come of this and that others who may suffer in similar circumstances will suffer less because of you. I wish I could take credit for the positive outcome of your case, but I believe the authorities saw what I saw and awarded you the lowest punishment they could as a result. All of us here at KML will be forever grateful and proud that you let us fight this battle with you. And we will all be watching as you and your wife surely turn this all around for something good. Please send us a copy of that book! And please stay in touch. Godspeed.

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January 25, 2024

“I knew I was making the right choice.”

Don King and his practice, “King Military Law,” have been an absolute game-changer in my life. From the moment I spoke to Don for a free consultation over a year ago, I knew I was making the right choice. The journey that followed has been nothing short of extraordinary. I had the opportunity to consult with several military lawyers, but it was Don’s unwavering commitment and his word that won me over. He assured me he would stand by my side, and that promise has been upheld most remarkably. Don, along with his exceptional paralegals, Angela and Katesha, embarked on a tireless journey to fight for my rights and my future. The most significant battle they helped me win was against an administrative separation board. The dedication and diligence they put into my case were unparalleled. They left no stone unturned, meticulously examining every detail and aspect of my situation. Their level of commitment to my case was nothing short of inspiring.

What truly sets Don King and his team apart is their exceptional communication. They consistently went above and beyond, ensuring I was informed at every stage. Their accessibility and willingness to answer any questions I had, no matter the time or day, gave me peace of mind during what could have been an extremely stressful period for my family and me. Don and his team didn’t just treat my case as another file; they treated it as a number one priority. Their genuine care and concern for my well-being and the well-being of my witnesses were evident throughout our time together. They provided support and advocacy that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

In conclusion, I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience with King Military Law. Don King and his exceptional team have met and exceeded my expectations in every way. If you need military legal representation, I wholeheartedly recommend Don King and his practice. They are not just legal professionals; they are compassionate allies who will fight relentlessly to ensure that justice prevails. Thank you, Don King and King Military Law, for giving me a second chance and being the unwavering support I needed during a challenging time. You are nothing short of amazing.

KML Response: Thank you, Kyle! We’re all so thankful that this is now behind you! Thanks also for choosing us to help you fight these battles. It’s never easy to face separation from the job you love and the military life that you and your family have known for years, and trusting a law firm to defend you is an enormous leap of trust—we know that. We consider it an enormous honor when clients place that trust in us, and we do everything we can to earn that trust.

And so we can’t tell you how gratifying client satisfaction is. While this job pays our bills, our real reward is sitting next to you when you hear that you’ve won or reading that you’re happy you trusted us. We really do understand how hard it is for service members and their families to go through these battles and we recognize that helping you win means more than just answering legal questions. Our mission statement includes helping clients and their families through all aspects of their legal battle, even if it’s just to be that person to talk to.

Good luck as you move on to your next duty station, your next job, and your next rank, Kyle! All of us at KML celebrate your success! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience, and please stay in touch!

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Kyle Dougherty
November 1, 2023

“Mr. King was tenacious and unrelenting”

Mr. King recently defended my daughter for misconduct. His defense ended with a unanimous board decision clearing my daughter of that charge. Mr King was tenacious and unrelenting in her case. His staff are true professionals and highly skilled and experienced in preparing the cases. If you or someone you know needs a lawyer who will fight for you Mr King is the one you want in your corner

KML Response: Jess: Thanks for leaving a review about your daughter’s case. We’re so glad that she retained us to help her and that the Board agreed with us that your daughter was not only “not guilty,” but that she should have never been sent to the Board in the first place! Appreciate your support for her and thanks again for your review!

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Jess Sackett
October 29, 2023
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