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Your Military Career in Jeopardy

Imagine you’re a service member or the loved one of a servicemember.

Imagine you have over a decade of active duty, a family depending on your salary and military healthcare, a Top-Secret clearance, and were very close to making Chief and moving on with a successful career.

Facing an Unjust NJP and Discharge

Imagine that you provide a urine sample for a random drug test, just as you’ve done so many times before.

Imagine now that, despite your having never knowingly ingested a drug, the test result comes back POSITIVE for marijuana!

Suddenly, your world is collapsing around you. You’re told that your access to the classified material you need to do your job is suspended and that the security clearance you rely upon will be revoked.

Imagine you’re told you’ll be going to NJP, and the CO and command for which you’ve worked so hard for so long now look at you like you’re a criminal. Despite pleading with the command and the CO, you are found guilty and receive career-ending punishment. Worse, you’re told that the military will now take steps to “fire” you and award you a discharge that will deprive you of your GI Bill and your VA benefits, as well as tell every future employer that you were kicked out of the military for “illegal drug use,” significantly impacting your life after the military.

Seeking Legal Help for Your NJP Appeal

Imagine that you go to base legal, but all they can tell you is that you can appeal the NJP via an NJP appeal —they can’t help you do it and, besides, most Admirals “side with their COs,” so your chances of success are very low. Instead, you’re advised to “get ready” for separation.

Taking a Risk

Now imagine that you don’t want to go down without a fight. You’ve served too long, too honorably, and too hard just to let this mistake ruin you. So, you jump online and start reading about how to fight.

Imagine that you discover that having a lawyer can help, so you start researching law firms that specialize in military law. You find one that makes it sound like they really care; like they will fight hard for you. Imagine that you take the risk and bet everything on this law firm to handle your NJP appeal, hoping . . .

Months of Anxiety While Awaiting the Appeal Decision

Now imagine that law firm does work hard: it collects evidence that supports you, it researches and interviews, it hires experts, and it sure seems like it knows what it’s doing. What’s more, the lawyers and paralegals at the law firm check up on you and make sure you are updated.

Imagine that you start to feel hope.

But imagine that months go by without any word. You’re worried, your spouse is scared, your kids are afraid. And then imagine….

That you win!

Response to Appeal of NJP document

You Don’t Have to Imagine

If you face military legal difficulties, you don’t have to imagine the fear and confusion you or your family will feel. But you don’t have to “imagine” that there’s hope or that there are people who can help with your NJP appeal.

Our Proven Track Record with NJP Appeals

As we did for this client, we give every client at KING MILITARY LAW everything we have and, with over a century of combined military law experience, that often comes with hope followed by victory in NJP appeals.

If you or a loved one need hope, call us.

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