Navy Begins Reevaluation of Medical Discharges

The Department of the Navy is initiating the process to reconsider medical discharges for over 3,770 veterans, offering them the opportunity for a new Physical Evaluation Board hearing, potentially resulting in an upgrade to medical retirement. Thousands of Sailors and Marines will receive this letter informing them they are eligible for “re-adjudication” of their Physical Evaluation Boards. This offer is available to thousands of veterans who were medically discharged between September 12, 2016, and June 11, 2018, when the Navy restricted the consideration of medical conditions by the Physical Evaluation Board, potentially leading to unjust outcomes for veterans.

The letter notifies those eligible that they may receive free legal assistance from military attorneys:

Should you wish to speak to an attorney about this letter, assistance is available, free of charge, from government counsel. Government counsel is available through the Department of the Navy’s Office of the Judge Advocate General, Disability Evaluation System Counsel Program (DESCP). The DESCP may be reached at (202) 875-1198 or [email protected].

Veterans may also obtain advice from Veterans’ Service Organizations at no expense to the government.

Veterans may also consider reaching out to an attorney experienced in military law, who might bring several tools to this fight:

  • Veterans may find the process confusing and may be disincentivized to apply for a previously denied benefit. An experienced military lawyer can provide clarity and guidance.
  • Veterans fear losing Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits or receiving a lower VA disability rating. An experienced military attorney can help veterans understand that these concerns are not tied to the Defense Department’s medical discharge evaluation process.
  • An experienced military attorney can assist veterans in presenting a strong case, gathering necessary evidence, and navigating the legal intricacies involved in the reevaluation process.
  • Experienced military lawyers can advocate for veterans’ rights, ensuring they receive the benefits they deserve, including potential discharge upgrades through the Discharge Review Board.

How KML Can Help:

At King Military Law (KML), our team of experienced military lawyers is dedicated to assisting veterans and can help with discharge upgrades. We can provide:

  • Providing comprehensive legal guidance to veterans considering a request for medical retirement.
  • Offer pro bono legal assistance for those veterans in need.
  • Advocate for veterans’ rights and interests throughout the reevaluation process.
  • Ensure veterans understand the potential benefits and consequences of their applications.
  • Assist in preparing solid cases, including gathering medical and non-medical evidence.

The Department of the Navy’s decision to reconsider medical discharges is a significant development for veterans’ rights.

If you or a loved one are eligible for this program, please consider contacting an experienced military lawyer to help navigate this complex process and get you the benefits you deserve.


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