False Accusations at the Incident Determination Committee

a soldier with handcuffs
soldier with handcuffs

Fewer things are more distressful than being falsely accused of a crime. Fewer false accusations bring more pain and uncertainty than being falsely accused of abusing your children. Here at KML, we see these false accusations all too often, usually lodged by a vindictive spouse during a  contentious child custody proceeding.

And the military’s Family Advocacy Procedures (FAP) don’t help. FAP and Incident Determination Committees (IDC) decisions can have immediate and drastic effects on a servicemember’s career, leading to security suspension, suspension of duty, promotion withholds, and even separation from the military and criminal proceedings. Worse, these effects often result from an IDC decision that is based only upon the false accusations—nothing more!

But you can fight back. An innocent client recently contacted KML after the IDC “substantiated” horrible, false allegations against the client. KML conducted an aggressive, comprehensive investigation into the allegations and the accuser, and submitted our results to the IDC, asking that it grant the opportunity to submit a “late” appeal and that it reverse its decisions.

As you see from the attached, the IDC did both, and this client is now on his way to getting his professional life back. While the wounds of being falsely accused will take time to heal, and an officer’s career doesn’t immediately “snap back” afer an appeal is won, both are now Beginning.

If you or a loved one are falsely accused and find yourself facing an IDC, please don’t rely upon the system to “get it right.” Act immediately, and consider consulting with an aggressive, experienced lawyer to help guide you through this process and to effectively fight back on your behalf.

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