Dismissed Before Trial: Celebrating Our Client’s Victory

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There are few things more distressing in the military than being charged with a crime and being ordered to a court martial. Click here for the drastic results that could result from a court-martial conviction. 

And the conviction is not the only risk of a court martial. Simply going through a court martial brings a level of stress to the servicemember and their family that few will ever have to endure. Hiring an effective and experienced legal team is often expensive; your career will often be placed on hold as you spend months attending pretrial hearings; you endure the shame and oft times unfair press as an audience listens to the details of the most sensitive parts of your life; and you may even be placed in military pretrial confinement to await your trial. In short, even if you are found not guilty, the court martial process itself is grueling and dehumanizing. 

Which is why the ultimate victory is never going to a court martial. Having your court martial charges dismissed before you have to endure these stressors is the first priority for the attorneys of KML. We work hard to immediately do what we can to influence the charging decision—to convince the military to not charge our client or to convince the military judge to dismiss those charges. 

For this reason, it’s usually best for a client to retain an aggressive law firm like ours as soon as they discover that they are under investigation. If you wait until the charges are referred to a court-martial, it makes it less likely that the firm can influence that decision.  However, the battle doesn’t end there. Even if charges are referred, the experienced and aggressive lawyers and paralegals at KML continue to seek and collect information useful to convince the military judge or military to withdraw all charges and dismiss the court-martial.

And when it happens, we celebrate! The latest victory looked like this:

After months of tireless and aggressive evidence collection, hard-fought pre-trial hearings, and appeals to his military commander, we achieved precisely that outcome for this client—an innocent Marine who can now leave this grueling saga behind without enduring the sometimes overwhelming stress of a court martial. We celebrate with this Marine as he departs the Marine Corps with the Honorable discharge and VA benefits that he deserves, and embraces a future full of promise and possibilities. All of us here at KML congratulate our client on their resilience and unwavering determination throughout this challenging journey.

At King Military Law, we are retired JAGs, retired Legalmen, and even retired law enforcement. And there is never a doubt where our loyalties lie. Collectively, we have over a CENTURY of military justice experience, all with one goal: to bring that experience to help FIGHT the system on behalf of our clients. We know the problems our clients face. We know how to fight back. And we know how to win. To read the experiences of real clients who have trusted KML with their legal issues, click here

If you or a loved one find yourself facing the daunting prospect of a military court martial, please make sure you have an aggressive and experienced legal team that understands the importance of being aggressive and hardworking BEFORE the trial starts—that not even going to a court martial is the best win of all. 

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