Air Force Initiates Review of Discharges for Troops Affected by Mental Health Conditions

a young soldier with mental disorder
soldier affected by mental disorder

The Air Force has announced its intention to review the cases of former Airmen who claim they were unfairly discharged due to mental health conditions or being victims of sexual assault or harassment. These individuals received other-than-honorable discharges, which significantly  impact their post-service benefits and civilian prospects.

The proposed settlement in Johnson v. Kendall, a class-action lawsuit, highlights the importance of rectifying unjust discharges that result from mental health conditions and traumatic experiences. These discharges deprived veterans of access to vital benefits, including Department of Veteran Affairs-run medical care, home loans, and tuition assistance. Unjust discharges can also hinder veterans in finding civilian employment.

If you or a loved one were discharged from the Air Force with a less than honorable discharge, please review the options for having that discharge upgraded. To help, we’ve placed significant information about this process on our website at If, after reviewing this information, you need help, please reach out to a lawyer experienced in requesting discharge upgrades through the Discharge Review Board.

At King Military Law (KML), our experienced military lawyers are dedicated to assisting veterans in their pursuit of military discharge upgrades through the Discharge Review Board. We recognize the challenges veterans face and offer comprehensive legal support, including:

  • Providing clear guidance on the Discharge Review Board process.
  • Assisting in gathering relevant evidence to support military discharge upgrades.
  • Advocating for veterans’ rights and justice.
  • Ensuring veterans understand the potential benefits of an upgraded military discharge status.
  • Simplifying the often-complex process and making it more accessible.

The Air Force’s commitment to reviewing and potentially upgrading military discharges for veterans affected by mental health conditions and trauma is a significant step toward justice. Having an experienced military lawyer can greatly increase the chances of achieving this upgrade. If you or a loved one are in need of this service, reach out and let us help.

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