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Experienced, Relentless, Effective Military Lawyer  

When he recently retired, Don King was one of the most experienced criminal lawyers on active duty, having served for nearly twenty-five years in every job within the military’s criminal justice system, including: several tours as senior prosecutor, supervisory defense counsel, military judge, senior appellate judge and senior legal advisor to the commanders making the decisions about criminal charges, BOIs, and administrative separations. Considering what’s at stake, this is the ONLY level of experience you should accept. Read more about Don’s experience here.

While on active duty, Don earned the reputation as an extraordinarily relentless advocate, crushing obstacles as he worked on behalf of his clients. Read what former clients and others say about Don here.

Unmatched experience and meticulous preparation, coupled with the relentless pursuit of his clients’ best interests combined to garner Don a long list of successes. Read more about Don’s victories here.


Military Attorney Who Knows How to Win the War.

Whether you are facing criminal charges or a criminal appeal, an administrative separation or a board of inquiry, a security clearance revocation or denial, or you  need to upgrade your discharge–you’re in a war. That war is made up of many small battles. It’s not enough that your lawyer has experience in one of those battles. You need a lawyer who knows how to win the war. Before you decide upon a lawyer to battle on your behalf, know what you should be looking for. Find out more about why you need a lawyer who knows how to win the war here


Because You’ve Served.

The attorneys at KML understand the sacrifice you–and your family–have made for the nation. You deserve an aggressive, experienced, capable attorney to help you and your family through whatever military legal difficulty you face. For that reason, Don tries to speak to everyone that calls, answers as many questions as he can free of charge, and adjusts his fees to make his services available to all that he can. Find out more about fees here

If you have a legal issue, don’t wait: call King Military Law for a free consultation and let us see if we can help.

King Military Law: Decades of Experience in YOUR Corner–When Experience Matters Most


We try very hard to respond immediately. However, if you need emergency assistance (you are currently in police custody, etc.), please feel free to text us at our phone number informing us of that fact. Thanks, KML


    If you are under investigation, we encourage you to contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY! Here’s what you may be facing:

    *Your phone calls are being monitored;

    *You may be called by the alleged victim of your crime who will try to convince you to “apologize” for “what you did;”

    *Investigators are collecting and tracking your internet activity, your financial records, and your phone records;

    *Investigators or command leaders will likely ask you questions or ask that you consent to a search of your phone, computer, car, etc.

    *They will try to convince you that they are trying to “clear your name” or that “not cooperating will make you look guilty.”

    These are all just some of the common investigatory tactics designed to convince you to provide evidence against yourself. Even statements of innocence or statements you believe to be harmless CAN VERY WELL HURT YOU!

    Don’t worry about “looking guilty!” WORRY ABOUT PROTECTING YOURSELF!

    Please consider exercising your right to remain silent and responding to any request for statements or consent with the following: “I want an attorney” AND NOTHING MORE. You may not be punished nor discriminated against for exercising your rights.

    Then, call an experienced military attorney as soon as you can.

    King Military Law: Decades of Experience in YOUR Corner—When Experience Matters Most.

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