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About Our Firm

King Military Law provides worldwide dedicated, experienced, and aggressive legal services to military members, their families, veterans, and federal contractors. With over a century of combined military law experience, KML attorneys have fought and won the battles you or a loved one might face. Whether issues such as NJP or GOMARs, courts-martial charges, military appeals, administrative separations, or security clearance difficulties, KML attorneys have fought—and won—those battles. As retired military attorneys and military judges, we know how to win. Let us help.

How We Help

Military Attorney Who Knows How to Win the War.

Whether you are facing criminal charges or a criminal appeal, an administrative separation or a board of inquiry, a security clearance revocation or denial, or you need to upgrade your discharge–you’re in a war. That war is made up of many small battles. It’s not enough that your lawyer has experience in one of those battles. You need a lawyer who knows how to win the war. Before you decide upon a lawyer to battle on your behalf, know what you should be looking for. Click below to find out more about why you need a lawyer who knows how to win the war.

Why We Care

Because You’ve Served.

The attorneys at KML understand the sacrifice you and your family have made for the nation. You deserve an aggressive, experienced, capable attorney to help you and your family through whatever military legal difficulty you face. For that reason, we offer free consultations with an experienced attorney, we answer as many questions as we can free of charge, and we adjust our fees to make our services available to all that we can. Click below to find out more about fees.

If you have a legal issue, call King Military Law for a free consultation and let us try to help.

Practice Areas


Facing administrative separation from the military? The experienced attorneys at King Military Law will aggressively defend your case at an administrative separation board, fight to retain your benefits, and achieve the best possible outcome for your career.


Were you wrongfully discharged from the military? The skilled lawyers at King Military Law can appeal your case to the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) to change your discharge status and recover your benefits.


Facing a Board of Inquiry that could end your military career? The seasoned attorneys at King Military Law have extensive experience representing clients before Boards of Inquiry and will build the strongest case to retain your position.

Clemency and Parole Boards

Seeking clemency or parole from a military conviction? The dedicated lawyers at King Military Law will present the strongest case for clemency or parole to the military clemency and parole boards, fight for your early release, and help you move forward.

Court Martial

Facing a court martial? The former military trial judges at King Military Law will aggressively defend you against any UCMJ charges, protect your rights, build the strongest case, and fight for the best possible outcome in your court martial trial.

Military Appeals

Were you wrongfully convicted by court martial? The former military appellate lawyers at King Military Law have extensive experience handling military criminal appeals and will fight to overturn your conviction or reduce your sentence.

Security Clearances

Worried about potential revocation or denial of your security clearance? The skilled attorneys at King Military Law will aggressively defend your security clearance by presenting mitigating evidence in your favor, negotiating with government counsel, and fighting to retain your access to classified information.


Received non-judicial punishment or an Article 15? The experienced lawyers at King Military Law will advise you on your rights and options, represent you at the NJP hearing, and aggressively defend against the allegations to achieve the best resolution.

Military Medical Malpractice

Injured by negligence or mistakes during military medical treatment? The experienced attorneys at King Military Law hold military healthcare providers accountable by thoroughly investigating your claim and aggressively pursuing your medical malpractice case.


At risk of disenrollment or other adverse action from your ROTC program? The experienced attorneys at King Military Law will advise ROTC cadets on their rights and aggressively defend their status in the program at disenrollment hearings and appeals.


Received a career-damaging General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMAR)? The skilled military defense lawyers at King Military Law will aggressively respond to the GOMAR allegations on your behalf to mitigate damage to your military record.

Military Discharge Upgrade

Were you unfairly discharged from the military? The dedicated lawyers at King Military Law will fight to upgrade your discharge status through discharge review boards, boards for correction of military records, and more to access the benefits you deserve.

Criminal Investigations

Facing a military investigation? Understand your rights and seek legal counsel immediately. Learn about the investigative process, your interactions with law enforcement, and the importance of legal representation. Whether you’re a service member or a concerned family member, our resources can help you navigate this challenging process with confidence.

Inspector General Investigations

Discover the role of the Office of the Inspector General (IG) within the Department of Defense (DoD) and each military branch. Learn how IG investigations into fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct impact military careers, and why seeking legal counsel is crucial when facing an IG complaint.

we are not able to assist with family law issues (such as divorce, child custody, etc.). We recommend you contact your local base legal office for assistance with these matters.

KML In The News

Military commanders no longer make sexual assault prosecution decisions

Decision on whether to charge service members with several felonies, including sexual assault, are no longer up to unit commanders - independent offices of special counsel for each brand of the military are up and running, the Pentagon announced Thursday. The change...

Manslaughter conviction of Marine reservist overturned on appeal

In the view of retired Navy Capt. Don King, of King Military Law, which represented London in the appeal, the Marine Corps, never should have sent London to a general court-martial.

What happens if military members refuse to get vaccinated? Local attorney weighs in

King said those looking to fight a mandate would likely be out of luck. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is pushing for full vaccination of the U.S. military by September 15, but needs President Joe Biden's approval to move forward.

SEAL leaders face additional punishment in wake of SEAL trainee death

Don King, a retired Navy judgea nd lawyer now in private practice in San Diego, said the investigation suggested that leaders at BUD/S failed to do their jobs. If there were individuals who should have been monitoring him or who should have been getting him the...

Reporter’s notebook: ‘Gallagher effect’ haunts ship fire case. Did the Navy learn its lesson?

Don King, a San Diego-based military attorney and recently retired Navy judge, said that is likely. They hardly need any proof (to make) a propable-cause determination. King said. I think this case is for sure going to trial but it's certainly not a slum-dunk based on...

What Happens If Servicemembers Refuse To Get Vaccinated?

Don King, the owner of King Military Law, says his team receives calls from a non-vaccinated people about 3 times a week.  You can file a proceeding, but it's unlikely to succeed, King said. Then can you get out? The answer to that question is that it depends on how...
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